France, India, Russia, UK issue travel warnings over tensions between Israel and Iran, conflict news


Countries including France, India, Russia, Poland and Britain have warned their citizens not to travel to Israel, the occupied Palestinian territories and, in some cases, the wider region as Iran threatens attacks in response to attacks on Israel this month launched an attack. Consulate in Damascus.

Iran has threatened to retaliate against Israel after an April 1 airstrike in the Syrian capital killed seven members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, including two generals, raising concerns about an escalation of violence in the Middle East.

France’s European and Foreign Affairs Ministry on Friday advised its citizens not to travel to Iran, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories.

In a statement on social media platform

Britain has told its citizens not to travel to Israel and Palestine except for essential travel because of “possible Iranian attacks on Israeli territory”.

In its latest update, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned against “all travel” to northern Israel, Gaza, areas adjacent to Gaza and the occupied West Bank – excluding occupied East Jerusalem and between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Highway 1 between.

Russia strongly advised its citizens “not to travel to the area” and highlighted the security risks to Israel, Lebanon and Palestine.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry stated that “the situation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict areas and the Lebanese-Israeli ‘Blue Line’ area remains unstable.”

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also advises against travel to Israel, Palestine and Lebanon.

“A sudden escalation of military operations cannot be ruled out, which would cause significant difficulties in leaving the three countries,” it said in a statement. “Any escalation could result in severe restrictions on air traffic and the inability to cross land border crossings.”

India’s statement referred to Iran and Israel, calling on Indians to refrain from traveling to the two countries until further notice in view of the “prevailing situation in the region”.

New Delhi’s foreign ministry said Indian citizens in both countries should “take maximum safety precautions and limit their movements to a minimum”.

Germany, meanwhile, specifically warned its citizens to leave Iran, saying rising tensions could affect evacuation routes.

“Current tensions, particularly between Israel and Iran, carry the risk of a sudden escalation,” the Foreign Office said. “German citizens face a concrete risk of arbitrary arrest, interrogation and lengthy prison sentences.” Dual citizens with German nationality are particularly at risk.”

Separately, German flag carrier Lufthansa extended its suspension of flights to and from Tehran until Thursday and will not use Iranian airspace during this period.

US calls real and viable threat

The United States has restricted personal travel for its employees and their families in Israel outside the greater Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beersheba areas.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Friday that an impending Iranian attack on Israel was a “real” and “viable” threat, adding that Washington would ensure the Israelis “have what they need” things and they can get what they need.” Defend yourself”.

“We are committed to defending Israel. We will support Israel. We will help defend Israel and Iran will not succeed,” President Joe Biden told reporters on Friday.

Gen. Eric Kurila, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East, was also in Israel holding talks with Israeli military officials about security threats. Pentagon spokesman Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said Thursday that his trip was brought forward from a previously scheduled date “due to recent developments.”

After Kurila discussed tensions with Iran with Israeli Defense Minister Yov Galante on Friday, Galante said the United States and Israel were “shoulder to shoulder” in the face of possible threats.

“We are prepared to work closely with our partners to defend ourselves on the ground and in the air and we will know how to respond,” the defense minister added.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that Israel was preparing for an attack by Iran as soon as Friday or Saturday, citing a person familiar with the matter.

Al Jazeera reporter Hamda Salhut reported from East Jerusalem that the Israeli army announced that it was preparing offensive and defensive preparations on all fronts.

“A few weeks ago, Israel raised its alert level, called up its reservists and beefed up its air defense systems,” she said, adding that Israeli officials said they were prepared for any scenario.

Israel has bombed the Gaza Strip since October 7 and sent ground troops, killing at least 33,600 Palestinians and injuring more than 76,000 others. Hamas launched an attack on southern Israel on October 7, killing more than 1,100 people.

Israel has also stepped up strikes against Iranian personnel and allies in Syria and Lebanon, and has been engaged in almost daily cross-border fighting with the Lebanese Hezbollah group since the war began.


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