For the first time in 4 years, “unrestricted summer vacation”… Not only children, but also adults can “black” travel agencies to inquire about long-distance travel | Tokai TV News

On July 20, the East China Sea announced the end of the rainy season. Three days earlier than last year in 2022, one day later than usual.

On the 20th, most of the primary and secondary schools in the three counties of the Donghai area will hold graduation ceremonies, and the children will usher in the long-awaited summer vacation. Children of Higashi Sakura Elementary School in Higashi Ward, Nagoya City…


“I’m looking forward to spending the night with my friends.”

“Ayu fishing”

“I’m going to grandma’s house, I want to talk to her.”

“During the summer vacation, we went to Kyoto and Nara, and deer ran over us.

Even in cities, there are voices that they want to enjoy it somewhere close by, such as the beach or camping.

18-year-old female:
“Gero Onsen. With my family.”

19-year-old female:
“My friends and the pool in Long Island. It’s summer, so I want to go to the beach or the pool.”

For the first time in four years, some enjoyed an unrestricted summer.

“I’m going to travel abroad, Disneyland in Hong Kong, I haven’t been to Hong Kong for a long time, I haven’t been to Hong Kong for a long time, I hope I can take a plane for the first time and go out for a walk.” Eat delicious food and leave a good time with your family remember. “

19-year-old female:
“Shiga is a circle training camp, a tennis circle.

Even at a travel agency in Naka Sakae, Nagoya, inquiries about long-distance travel and long-distance travel are increasing.

[Watch the video]For the first time in 4 years, “unlimited summer vacation”… not only children, but also adults can “get out of the cage” Travel agencies inquire about long-distance travel


JTB Travel Gate Nagoya Sakae Contact:
“In Japan, Okinawa, Hokkaido and Kansai are popular. Overseas, nearby areas such as Hawaii, Korea and Taiwan are also popular.

Hokkaido tourism is particularly popular this summer, with about 250 experiences to choose from, including horseback riding, rafting, and hot air ballooning.


JTB Travel Gate Nagoya Sakae Contact:
“We’re running a limited-day Hokkaido Shinkansen station tour, so you can use it for your child’s independent study.”

Another tourist wants to go to Hokkaido.

“I wanted to go with my grandma, and she said she wanted to go to the zoo.”

JTB Travel Gate Nagoya Sakae Contact:
“(The new crown has calmed down) Now, every time we get an inquiry, we feel rewarded. I think most people travel with anticipation and excitement, so I hope everyone enjoys their trip. I hope you go

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