Flowers and Fruits Invite Time to Travel to Paradise “Peony and Figs Series” Summer Limited | SABON Japan Co., Ltd. Press Release

Flowers and Fruits Invite Time to Travel to Paradise “Peony and Figs Series” Summer Limited | SABON Japan Co., Ltd. Press Release

SABON “Peony Fig Series”

The “Peony Fig Collection” recalls the sweet and enchanting moments of the mysterious encounter between peonies and figs across time and space.
A secret hideaway in a lush Mediterranean garden, fig trees and peonies in bloom.
I came here on vacation, under the pleasant sunshine, with the fragrance of peony floating in the air, I took a bite of a ripe fig, and I was deeply impressed by the bursting texture and gentle sweetness of the peel. You can feel the freshness of the leaves and meditate on the warm harmony of the trunk.
This summer, when you are surrounded by the “Peony Fig Series”, your five senses will be filled with tranquility, inviting you to travel through time and space, appreciate the mysteries of nature, as if you are in a paradise.

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The Peony Fig collection combines the fruity Mediterranean aromas of freshly picked figs and elegant peonies.
The sweet, soft fruitiness of freshly picked fig and pomegranate meets the elegance of peony, transforming it into powdery sophistication.
Reminiscent of lush trees, sandalwood evokes sunlight streaming through the Mediterranean sun, inviting you to fall asleep under the fig tree.

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SABON’s products are carefully selected and blended with natural ingredients to enrich your daily routine, including a ‘Body Scrub’ using mineral-rich Dead Sea salt and botanical oils.
While gently protecting the skin, it removes dirt and unnecessary exfoliation, and moisturizes the skin.
At SABON, we believe that the key to beautiful, clear skin is the beauty of exfoliating and conditioning at the same time.
In addition to the newly launched “3-in-1 Mask & Scrub” and “Lip Beauty Oil”, there is a rich lineup of products ranging from body care that lets you enjoy the aroma of the bathroom, pleasant texture that nourishes the heart, and hand care and perfume. We will scale up.

SABON SABON “Peony Fig Shower Oil” 3,410 yen (tax included)

Product nameShower Oil Peony Fig

Capacity 300mL
Price 3,410 yen (tax included)

A body wash containing 4 types of vegetable oils*1 that protects the skin while gently removing sweat and dirt from the pores.
With a floral and fruity scent, it cleanses smoothly with delicate foam, leaving skin soft and moisturized.

*1 Wheat Germ Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Shell Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil (all moisturizing)

SABON SABON “Peony Fig Body Scrub” 4,400 yen (tax included)

Product namePeony Fig Body Scrub

Capacity 320g
Sales price 4,400 yen (tax included)

A salt-in-oil body scrub that leaves skin silky smooth.
Formulated with mineral-rich Dead Sea Salts*1 and 4 botanical oils*2, SABON’s flagship product gently exfoliates dead skin cells while moisturizing for a translucent complexion. Twice a week, indulge in special treatments in the aroma of fresh fruit.

*1 sea salt (cleaning aid)
*2 Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Acai Palm Fruit Oil, Carapaguaianensis Seed Oil (all moisturizing)

SABON SABON “Body Jelly Peony Fig” 4,840 yen (tax included)

Product namePeony Fig Body Jelly

Capacity 200mL
Price 4,840 yen (tax included)

A body hydrating gel that gently hydrates skin with a fresh, melting gel and envelops skin in a soft floral and fruity scent.
Contains aloe vera extract*1 and shea butter*2 to provide non-greasy, non-greasy moisture to skin prone to dryness and other damage caused by air conditioning.

*1 Aloe Vera Juice (Moisturizing) *2 Avocado Oil (Moisturizing)

SABON SABON “Silky Body Milk Peony Fig” 4,950 yen (tax included)

Product nameSilky Body Lotion Peony Fig

Capacity 200mL
Price 4,950 yen (tax included)

Provides a silky high quality moisturizing body cream.
A body milk with a rich, smooth texture that melts into the skin. Organic oat milk*1 moisturizes and refines the skin, while almond oil*2 moisturizes the skin and makes it soft.

*1 Hydrolyzed Oatmeal (conditioning) *2 Almond Oil (moisturizing)

SABON SABON “Peony Fig Hand Cream” 1,650 yen (tax included)

Product namePeony Fig Hand Cream

Capacity 30mL
Price 1,650 yen (tax included)

A hand cream containing shea butter*1 that locks in moisture in the skin and has a soft floral and fruity scent that gently moisturizes the skin.
With a smooth texture and good spreadability, your hands will feel smoother over time. The tube shape is easy to carry, and it can be used easily when you are worried about dryness.

*1 Shea butter (emollient)

SABON SABON “Saon Peony Fig Perfume” 4,180 yen (tax included)

Product nameSavon Peony Fig Eau de Toilette

Capacity 30mL
Price 4,180 yen (tax included)

An all over body eau de toilette with soft floral and fruity notes that will always make you feel like summer.
Not only can it be used alone, but it can also be layered with body care products of the same fragrance, or used in combination with products of different fragrances. Vegan formula*2 containing corn alcohol*1. The compact bottle comes in a 100% cotton pouch, perfect for on-the-go.

*1 Denatured alcohol (base ingredient) *2 No animal ingredients

SABON SABON “Lip Beauty Oil Peony Fig” 3,300 yen (tax included)

Product nameLip Beauty Oil Peony Fig

Capacity 10mL
Sales price 3,300 yen (tax included)

‘Peony Fig’, a limited-edition color reminiscent of figs, is now available in ‘Lip Beauty Oil’ to instantly hydrate lips for a radiant glow.
The texture is smooth, and it doesn’t feel sticky when it fits on the lips, and you can use it comfortably without worrying about fading even if you wear a mask. Contains a plant blend*1 with high moisturizing effect to provide sufficient moisture and care for lips.

SABON SABON “Lip Beauty Oil Peony Fig” 3,300 yen (tax included)

“Peony Fig” has an exotic purple color reminiscent of figs, giving lips a natural complexion. Not only can you use it alone, but you can also layer it on top of your lip gloss to enjoy shine and nuance.
Fruity gourmand aroma, evoking sweet memories and soft harmony of fruit and flowers.
Vegan formula*3 containing 96%*2 natural ingredients. Free from parabens, silicones and mineral oil.

*1 Pomegranate Seed Oil (Moisturizing), Castor Oil (Basic, Conditioning)
*2 Based on ISO16128, natural origin index is 96% (excluding water) *3 Does not contain animal raw materials

SABON SABON “3-in-1 Mask & Cleansing Scrub” 7,920 yen (tax included),

Product name3-in-1 Mask and Purifying Scrub

Capacity 200mL
Price 7,920 yen (tax included)

The premium intensive beauty mask “3-in-1 Mask & Scrub” that combines purifying*1, moisturizing, and anti-aging*2 functions in one is now available in a limited edition Green Harmony fragrance.
A high-quality intensive beauty mask containing Dead Sea mud*3 and natural scrub ingredients*4, the jet-black mask gently wraps the skin and absorbs excess sebum, dirt, and waste that cannot be removed by face washing.
The fine scrub particles*4 conform to the unevenness of the skin, and at the same time carefully polish every texture, gently remove dead skin cells, clogged pores and blackheads*5, and keep the skin healthy.
Jericho rose *6 and dead sea water *7, with moisturizing effect, moisturizes, tightens and tightens the skin.
A green harmonious aroma blended with lemongrass*9 and sage*10, with a refreshing herbal and citrus scent that cleanses your soul.
It is a vegan formula*11 containing natural ingredients and free from synthetic colours, parabens, mineral oil, silicones and sulfates.

*1 Removes dirt*2 Age-appropriate skin care*3 Mud (skin conditioning and absorption)
*4 Diatomaceous earth (cleaning aid) *5 Due to old cutin and dirt *6 Anzange extract (moisturizing)
*7 Sea Salt, Water* (Moisturizing) *Includes some water.
*8 Dunaliella salina extract (moisturizing) *9 Indian lemongrass oil (skin conditioning, aroma)
*10 Salvia flower/leaf/stem oil (skin conditioning, fragrance) *11 Animal ingredient free

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We will be releasing a limited number of kits so you can enjoy the rich lineup of the series.
Make a special kit for your loved ones or yourself as a special gift now.

SABON SABON “Summer holiday gift peony fig” 12,980 yen (tax included)

Product nameSummer Holiday Gift Peony Figs

Price 12,980 yen (tax included)
Set Contents Bath Oil Peony Fig 300mL (actual product), Body Scrub Peony Fig 320g (actual product), Silky Body Milk Peony Fig 200mL (actual product), Hand Cream Peony Fig 30mL (actual product), Lace pouch

SABON SABON “Peony Fig Scrub Set” 6,050 yen (tax included)

Product nameScrub Set Peony Fig

Sales price 6,050 yen (tax included)
Set Contents Body Scrub Peony Fig 320g (real), Hand Cream Peony Fig 30mL (real), boxed

SABON SABON “Body Care Gift Peony Fig” 3,850 yen (tax included)

Product nameBody Care Gift Peony Fig

Price 3,850 yen (tax included)
Set Contents Bath Oil Peony Fig 100mL, Body Scrub Peony Fig 60g, Silky Body Milk Peony Fig 50mL

SABON SABON “Fruit Gauntlet Set” 6,930 yen (tax included)

Product nameFruity hand set

Price 6,930 yen (tax included)
Set Contents Peony Fig Hand Cream 30mL (real), Mango/Kiwi Hand Cream 30mL (real), Blossom Thumbnail Oil 9mL, Nail File

SABON “Peony Fig Series”

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