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Florida man brags about burglary on Facebook, ends up in jail


(Reuters) – A Florida burglar who posted a video on Facebook boasting about $500,000 worth of jewelry has himself and an accomplice in jail, police said on Thursday.

Police in Pinecrest, Fla., said they arrested Raderius Glenn Collins, 18, after he uploaded the video to Facebook on May 27. His friend Marcus Terrell Parker, 27, was arrested for another burglary on June 9, police said.

They are still searching for a third suspect, who can be seen in the video showing a $100 bill to the camera while sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

The video, which is more than seven minutes long and has been viewed more than 3,000 times, shows the men bragging about their illegal earnings and exclaiming: “We have a safe” and “Can someone check it for me?”

The man in the driver’s seat made sure the traffic light was still red, then proudly showed the camera his bag of cash, while two other men cheered.

Thieves stole a safe containing more than half a million dollars worth of jewelry from a home. Collins and Parker later burglarized a second home, stole more than $10,000 worth of jewelry and a screwdriver, and later tied one of the arrested men to the burglary, police said.

One of the arrested subjects told police that he and two other subjects sold the stolen jewelry to a jewelry and watch store and received $1,300 each in return.

Michelle Hammontree, communications director at Pinecrest, told Reuters the Facebook video helped police connect the burglary to the jewelry store where the suspect pawned his ill-gotten gains. The bag in the video is the same bag that was given to the suspect in the store.

“It’s just one stupid decision after another,” Hammondry said.

Police said while they were looking for a third suspect in the May 27 burglary, it was unclear if he was involved in the second burglary.

The Facebook video is available here: (

Reporting by Amy Tannally; Editing by Alan Crosby


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