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The “Wes Hotel” in Brooklyn, New York City, USA became the first accommodation facility in the city to join the “Regeneration Travel”. Regenerative Tourism is actually a community of independent hotels promoting regenerative tourism.

The Wythe is set in a converted 1901 stone and timber industrial building, which was once a sugar company’s cooperage and textile mill. Materials produced during the demolition of the building were reborn as guest room furniture by local artisans and are still used today.

On the operational side, we are also making efforts such as hiring people from diverse backgrounds, donating and supporting local communities, reducing waste and supporting ecosystem restoration.

In particular, at the hotel’s on-site restaurant, “Le Crocodile,” the Billion Oyster Project is a non-profit organization that seeks to revive New York Bay’s oysters while serving dishes that source ingredients from local, sustainably produced producers. In partnership with , we are also supporting campaigns aimed at bringing 1 billion oysters to life in New York again. In addition to filtering water and providing ecosystem benefits, oyster reefs are habitats for marine life, increasing biodiversity and protecting coastlines from storm surges.

The Regenerative Tourism Summit will be held at the Wythe Hotel on September 20, 2023 during New York City Climate Week, a climate change event promoting a decarbonized society.

This annual event brings together tourism professionals and leaders to discuss promoting sustainable and regenerative tourism, with a focus on the environment and community. Key topics include ‘Regenerative Destinations and Policy Frameworks’, ‘How Startups and Technological Innovations Are Transforming Climate Change and Travel’, ‘Decarbonising Travel: The Path to Net Zero’, ‘Farm to Farm’: The Future of Food Systems and regenerative agriculture. “

Wythe Hotel owner Peter Lawrence said: “We have created a sustainable and regenerative tourism industry that benefits our community and the world. This is progress,” he told Regenerative Tourism.

The Wise Hotel initiative could be a catalyst for raising awareness of regenerative tourism, not just in the US, but in major cities around the world.

Wys Hotel
Address: 80 West Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Official website:

(Reference site) Regeneration travel
(Reference website) Regenerative Tourism Summit 2023: September 20, 2023 WYTHE Hotel, Brooklyn, New York

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