First Look: Bulgari Hotel Tokyo Opens in Japan – Travel News

First Look: Bulgari Hotel Tokyo Opens in Japan – Travel News

Luxury has a new home in Tokyo.

Tokyo is the eighth city in the world to have the famous Bulgari Hotel, which is astronomically expensive. Located on the 40th to 45th floors of the Yaesu super skyscraper in Tokyo Midtown, the hotel offers stunning city views, including Mount Fuji on the horizon. The building is also just steps away from the iconic red-brick Tokyo Station, Nihombashi and the Marunouchi financial district, and sits in the vibrant Ginza shopping district.

But its prime location isn’t the only advantage it has to offer. The 98-room hotel is a masterful blend of Italian luxury and Japanese tradition.Japanese touches are everywhere, such as stone lanterns, Japanese art, private rock gardens, pine trees and sleek minimal design elements traditional ryokanGlimpse gorgeous Italian design when using marble in bathrooms and furniture designed by Maxalto, Flexform and B&B Italia.

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This cultural fusion is also reflected in food and beverage products. The Sushi Hoseki restaurant concept has been launched at the Bulgari Resort in Dubai, seating only 8 diners and helmed by Japanese chef Keni Gyoten, who has been awarded three Michelin stars for Sushi Gyoten. The menu is omakase style, which means the chef decides what you eat and creates the menu using the best Japanese ingredients.

While Sushi Hoseki has limited seating, that doesn’t mean you can’t feast on it. Il Ristorante – Niko Romito serves modern Italian cuisine in a restaurant overlooking the city for up to 80 guests.

The 45th floor is where the Bulgari Bar is located, and it is also the best place to enjoy the sunset. There are two semi-covered outdoor terraces from which you can enjoy sweeping views of the city, surrounded by a collection of yuzu and lemon plants reminiscent of Japanese and Italian traditions.

The highlight is the 1,000-square-metre Bulgari Spa on the 40th floor, where you’ll find nine treatment rooms and a 25-metre indoor pool with panoramic views of the skyline thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows.

Brb, staying in luxury.

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