First landing in Japan! Pay attention to the one-handed gourmet “puff pizza” from “Half Saints TOKYO” in Manila, Philippines! |Rurubu et al.

First landing in Japan! Pay attention to the one-handed gourmet “puff pizza” from “Half Saints TOKYO” in Manila, Philippines!  |Rurubu et al.

“Half Saints TOKYO”, which opened in Hongo, Tokyo in November 2022, is a takeout and delivery shop where you can enjoy colorful one-handed food “puff pizza”. This is the complete report on the allure of the first Japanese cafe in Manila, Philippines!

Popular cafe “Half Saints” from Manila comes to Japan for the first time

About 3 minutes on foot from Hongo Sanchome Station. “Half Saints TOKYO” is the first store in Japan of the food brand “Half Saints” opened in Manila by former journalists Christine Rock and Joe Aciaga.

The cafe started with the knowledge they gained while traveling around the world, and is a very popular shop known for being hard to get a reservation locally.

Lemon Mint Soda 400 yen
“Lemon Mint Soda” 400 yen

“Half Saints TOKYO” is a take-out and take-out specialty store that offers local popular puff pizza, desserts, and original drinks, but there is also a small dining space (about 2 people), so you can also eat inside the store.

Easy to do with one hand!New Feeling Puff Pizza


Colorful puff pizzas and sweets are always displayed in the shop windows.
Some of the menus are the same as the local ones, but most of them are original Japanese recipes specially designed to cater to Japanese tastes.

(From left) Coconut custard and 3 kinds of nuts 700 yen, Ratatouille homemade genoa and seaman 580 yen
(From left) “Coconut custard and 3 kinds of nuts” 700 yen, “Ratatouille homemade genoa and marina” 580 yen

Puff Pizza is different from ordinary pizza dough, it uses pie dough with a buttery aroma. It has a mysterious texture that is both crispy and slightly chewy.

This time, choose one each from meal type and dessert type.

“Ratatouille Homemade Genovese & Marinara” is colorful and appetizing.

Puff pizza dough with our homemade marinara sauce (tomato sauce) and basil sauce! The combination of thinly sliced ​​zucchini and tomatoes is also delicate and looks like a snap.


“Coconut Custard with 3 Nuts” was as full of nuts as you can see. Almonds, pistachios and macadamias are irresistible for nut lovers.

The coconut milk is not too sweet, but the nuts on top are generous and satisfying. It’s delicious enough to convince you it’s a favorite.


It also comes in a box of 6, so if given as a party favor, it’s sure to be a hit! The appearance is gorgeous and the tension rises.

Puff Pizza will continue to incorporate a lot of Japanese ingredients, so I’m looking forward to new menus in the future ♪

(From left) VinVie cider 880 yen, VinVie rose cider semi-sweet 1,100 yen
(From left) “VinVie Cider” 880 yen, “VinVie Rose Cider Semi-sweet” 1,100 yen

Also, one of the concepts of “Half Saints TOKYO” is the combination of eating and drinking.

The best pairing with the puff pizza is the original cider from the winery “VinVie” in Minamishinshu, Nagano Prefecture. Crisp cider and lightly sweet rosé cider are mature ciders that give you the full experience of apples grown on your own farm.

(From left) Fermented Orange Beer (Hot) ¥450, Hot Lemon Ginger ¥400
(From left) “Fermented Orange Beer (Hot)” 450 yen, “Hot Lemon Ginger” 400 yen

Hot drinks are recommended in winter.
It seems they are particular about using Japanese citrus, and the “Fermented Orange Ale,” made by fermenting oranges for two weeks, and the “Hot Lemon Ginger,” made with lots of ginger, are must-try drinks.

The mild sourness and sweetness are perfect for puff pizza!

Sweets made with original recipes are also available♪

(From left) Hokkaido Blue Cheese Cloud Cookie 450 yen, Triple Organic Chocolate Fudge Brownie 150 yen
(From left) “Hokkaido Blue Cheese Cloud Cookie” 450 yen, “Triple Organic Chocolate Fudge Brownie” 150 yen

Desserts from original recipes are also available.

Although the “Hokkaido Blue Cheese Cloud Cookie” is called a cookie, its taste is between a cookie and a cake. The fragrant blue cheese is addictive and a perfect complement to wine and cider.

“Triple Organic Chocolate Fudge Brownie” which pays attention to the balance of 3 kinds of organic chocolate in pursuit of the best taste and taste, rich and satisfying chocolate taste!

There is also a gift box of 8 pieces, which is also recommended as a gift.

(From left) Chocolate tart with almond base 580 yen, three types of milk cream cake Tres Leches Petit 450 yen, coconut cream puff mercibuco 450 yen
(From left) “Chocolate tart almond base” 580 yen, “Three types of milk cream cake small” 450 yen, “Coconut cream puff Mercibuco” 450 yen


“Chocolate Almond Base” is a bonus dessert with moderate sweetness of chocolate made with organic chocolate.

Almonds used in pie dough are also good.

“Tres Leche” is a classic Mexican and American cake. “Torres” means 3 in Spanish, and “leche” means milk, which together means “three milk cakes”.

“Tres leche with three types of milk cream” is a high-end cake made by soaking three types of milk (condensed milk, evaporated milk, and compound cream) in a sponge, and topped with unsweetened whipped cream, homemade lemon preserves, and blueberries. It has a refreshing peppermint scent which is surprisingly refreshing.

There is also a medium size (1,650 yen) for about 4 people, so it is also recommended for birthday cakes, etc.


Don’t miss the “Coconut Cream Puff Mercibuco” filled with generous amounts of coconut cream.

Buko means coconut in Tagalog and the name “Merci Buko” comes from the French word “Merci Boku” (thank you).

The sweetness of the custard cream, the crunchiness of the nuts and the crispness of the puffs are perfectly combined.

Individual packaging is also a bonus item, and gift giving is also guaranteed to satisfy!


We recommend that you always check the official Instagram ( for the latest information.

“Half Saints TOKYO” has the feeling that a new menu is coming soon, so be sure to come here and enjoy the combination of puff pizza, dessert and drink.

■ Half Saints Tokyo
Address: 1F, Kato Building, 4-2-4 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6826-9172
Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00
Regular holiday: Sunday

Text/Photo: Koyama Ryoko (vivace)

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