FexBlack: A group creating community for black Vietnamese women

FexBlack Vietnam is creating a safe space and community for black women living abroad in Southeast Asia.

It’s a community built on Facebook where women of color, especially black women, can share their resources and experiences.The purpose of the group is to Unite Black Women Expats and black women going to Vietnam.

“There’s a huge black immigrant community here Saigon, but women have particular issues when it comes to resources like where to buy certain products or how to do their hair,” Crystal Osuji, the group’s administrator, told Travel Noire. “It’s a concern and question that black women get Verified groups. “

Osuji has lived in Vietnam for seven years.she lives there with her partner teach EnglishShe said she was approached by two women to be an administrator for FexBlack, and she agreed because she understood the importance of building community — especially in a country under strict lockdown restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic.

“When we went into a really long lockdown, everyone was sad,” recalls Osuji. “I remember you couldn’t leave the house at all. We had tickets to the grocery store about twice a week during certain time frames.”

Like many other places, a lot has been lost during the pandemic, Osuji said. Many expats have left Vietnam, but the group is rebuilding as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Black expats are returning and new people are moving in.

“I really want to build more community, especially in Saigon, where I am. It’s the largest city in Vietnam, and I don’t want people to feel lonely or like everyone is doing their own thing,” she added. “We want people to come to the group with curiosity and ready to ask their questions. We don’t want people to be afraid to ask any questions because the people in the group know a lot about different things.”

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