Famous scenes are fully assembled! “Disney’s Magical Musical Theater” starts.Collection of Famous Songs and Scenery-Travel Observation

Masterpieces and famous scenes from Disney’s Magic Musical Theater come to life

Hachette Collection Japan will launch “Disney Magic Musical Theater” on August 23rd. By assembling the parts that come with each issue, you can collect your own Disney scenes as miniature figures.

When completed, it becomes a three-dimensional object with a prominent presence. Music box music suitable for each stage flows from the built-in speakers. In addition, the design characters of the original work have also been carefully selected to reproduce the scene in the famous work. A total of 125 issues are planned to be published. The first issue is priced at 229 yen, the second and third issues are priced at 1,599 yen, and the fourth and subsequent issues are priced at 1,849 yen.


Masterpieces and famous scenes from Disney’s Magic Musical Theater unfold before your eyes

There are 9 guest rooms in the collection, including 9 Disney movies such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Rapunzel on the Tower”, “Aladdin”, “Snow White”, “Cinderella”, “Toy Story”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Winnie the Pooh”, “Anna”, etc. The work of the first work “The Snow Queen”.


Complete your theater’s specs by getting parts for each issue


Consists of 9 stages

At each stage, you can also listen to famous songs such as the famous song “it go” arranged by All Goals!


Famous scenes are popular because of the delicacy of hand prototyping


looks like it’s about to move

Additionally, the figures have added movement. In the case of Beauty and the Beast, gags like recreating Belle and the Beast’s waltz scene are also worth a look.


You can also enjoy action reminiscent of famous scenes

There are two lighting modes to choose from: full lighting mode and theater mode. Dramatically directed completed theater.


two lighting modes

In addition, if you apply for a recurring subscription, you will also receive original Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck figure figures to adorn the “Big Band” section on the top outdoor stage. In addition, if you add 250 yen per issue after the 4th issue to become a “Premium Subscription”, you can also get a set of 8 original figures of “Mickey and Friends Big Band”. Also, this is the specification for the flow of “Mickey Mouse March”.


“Premium Subscription” is available with 8 digits

It will be sold at bookstores nationwide and on the official website.


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