“Experience Macau Unlimited” launched

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Macau Leisure Travel Innovation Association and Macau Pass jointly organized the tourism promotion and “Macau Unlimited Fun” International Tourist Travel Pass product launch at the National Association of Travel Agents of Singapore (“NATAS”) Travel Fair11.

Zheng Weidong, Deputy Director of Macao Government Tourism Office; Zhou Zheng and Wang Jin, Deputy Directors of China Tourism Office in Singapore; Deputy Director of Kong Yuan Singapore Chinese Cultural Center; Charles Tan, Secretary General of NATAS Executive Committee; President of Macau Leisure Tourism Service Innovation Association Paul Huang; Li Yanni, President of Customer Service Department of Macau Pass Group Holdings Co., Ltd.; Bobby Wong, Vice President of Industry Operations of Macau Pass Travel Agency Co., Ltd.; representatives of Macau and Singapore travel agencies attended the event.

Paul Huang said that in order to respond to the direction of the Macao SAR government to develop the international tourism market, promote the use of tourism + cross-regional cooperation package products, and further enrich the experience and convenience of international tourists in Macao, the association, Macau Pass and international tourists jointly launched the “Macau Unlimited Fun” “Limited Edition Macau Pass Card (the “Card”). The association will continue to encourage the industry to provide more intimate service experience for tourists, make full use of Macao’s unique advantages, implement the “1+4” strategy of moderately diversified development, and assist the Macao SAR government to create a new tourism platform. “Tourism +” cooperation to expand regional and international tourism and create more business opportunities.

Li Yanni said that Macau Pass is honored to cooperate with Macau Leisure Tourism Innovation Association to launch the card. This Macau tourism-themed electronic consumer card can be used by tourists for shopping, dining, taking buses, light rail, etc. in almost all consumptions in Macau. It also provides Macau tourism information for tourists, so that tourists can experience the fun of traveling around Macau with one card.

mPay is the largest e-wallet in the Macau payment market and a member partner of Alipay+, allowing Macau merchants to connect to 15 digital payment tools in the Asia-Pacific region in one stop, covering more than 1 billion consumers. Singapore has always been an important international market for Macau, and Macau Pass will continue to optimize the payment experience for tourists. Macau Pass hopes that the card can bring Singapore tourists the best travel memories in Macau.

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