[Event Report][Kansai Airport Travel Fair 2018]”The Strongest Tram Girl in Kansai” Yukino Saito enthusiastically broke the news about Taiwan’s tram travel! Taiwan Tourism Association Osaka Office Overseas Travel Seminar- Travel Watch


The Osaka Office of the Taiwan Tourism Association held the 2018 Overseas Tourism Seminar at Kansai International Airport

“Kanku Tabihaku 2018” was a two-day event held at Kansai International Airport from May 19th to 20th. The Osaka Office of the Taiwan Tourism Association held overseas travel lectures at the Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, which is adjacent to Kansai International Airport. The venue has had great success with standing room.

“Kansai’s Strongest Railway Girl” Saito Yukino appears. During the Expo, the Taiwan Tourism Association booth launched 32 stations with the same name in Japan and Taiwan to vigorously promote “railway travel”. Mr. Saito visited Chiayi County in March. It is said that he visited and enjoyed the railway trip. Moreover, for the seminar of this travel expo, he recently took a bullet tour of less than 24 hours (the first night to Taiwan, the second Flying in the afternoon), he said that he has increased his understanding of Taiwan’s railways, so he is excited. (Related article “[Kansai Airport Travel Expo 2018]Taiwan Tourism Association held a bingo game at the train station with the same name as Japan. 2018 is the ‘2018 Ocean Tourism Year, focusing on remote islands'”).


Saito Yukino

For the bullet tour, Mr. Saito departs from Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei) and takes the MRT Airport Line, which was just completed in 2017, to Taipei Station. The goal seems to be the “station bento” at Taipei Main Station. There are three large station bento stores in Taipei Main Station, with about seven or eight categories. There are various meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, and grilled fish, all of which are priced at about 80 Taiwan dollars (about 296 yen, 1 Taiwan dollar = about 3.7 yen). By the way, Taiwan Station Bento is packaged in a compact bento box that is different from Japan, and the unique feature is that the side dishes are placed on top of the rice. Mr. Saito, who has eaten both vegetarian dishes and grilled fish, seems to be satisfied. He said, “The taste is a bit heavy” and “The amount is great.”

When he visited Taiwan in March, he took the Taiwan Shinkansen “Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail”. The carriages were almost the same as the 700 series of JR East China Sea, and they were painted in orange. The fare is about half of that in Japan. In addition, when he learned that the car service staff would provide coffee and sweets for free, he couldn’t hide his excitement and said: “In Japan, you can’t experience it without going to Gran Class!”

By the way, one of the reasons for choosing Chiayi County in March is that the 2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival is held in Chiayi County. The Lantern Festival is held on January 15th of the lunar calendar every year, and each time it is held in a different city (for details, see the related article “Fantasy Lantern Festival, Local Popular Tourist Destinations, Enjoy Food. My First Time in Tainan”., Taipei Trip (Part 1) ”). By the way, 2019 will be held in Pingtung County in the south.


Chiayi-Alishan Forest Railway

Starting from Chiayi, we headed to Alishan. The altitude is more than 2,000 meters, and it can be reached by taking the forest railway from Chiayi. It is said that the Alishan Forest Railway is “very similar to the Oigawa Railway in Shizuoka”, and the comfortable carriages and station buildings are “very similar to the attractions in Disneyland”. In addition, it seems that the tablet exchange can be seen on the forest railway, which he happily said was “one of the highlights.”

There is a teahouse called “Chada 35” on the top of the mountain. Mr. Saito said: “The tea here is very good…!” The tea is grown by himself, without pesticides, and has a strong taste. This is a very rare tea that can only be bought at the top of Alishan (observation deck) or near the station at the foot of the mountain, as it is not available in other places like Taipei. However, in fact, Taiwan’s Family Mart recently launched a collaboration product with Chada 35, and he seemed a little puzzled, “The taste is similar!”

On the other hand, in terms of Taiwanese cuisine, the porridge he ate at “Yuyu Street” in Taipei City is even more unforgettable. The style of Taiwanese porridge is that the porridge itself is put into the pot, and you can choose your favorite side dishes to taste. The way you eat is fresh and the staff are friendly and energetic.

During the bullet tour, they enjoyed food at the Taipei night market, massages, and even visited the morning market.


Chada No. 35 tea, you can also drink it on the top of Alishan


On the left is an ekiben from Taiwan.


Night market food is also recommended


At the end of the seminar, Taiwan Crazy Iron Q&A


The “AKIBO ROBOTS Special Exhibition” by Taiwanese public art creator AKIBO will be held in Nishi Umeda from June 3rd to June 10th.


“20 Wakatabi Seishun 18” (tentative name) started as a project with the same name as Taiji 32 Station


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