Europ Assistance、日本およびアジア太平洋地域におけるAXA Partnersのアシスタンス事業の株式を取得:時事ドットコム

Europ Assistance、日本およびアジア太平洋地域におけるAXA Partnersのアシスタンス事業の株式を取得:時事ドットコム

[European Aid]

Europ Assistance (Headquarters: Paris, France; CEO: Antoine Parisi) is part of AXA Partners [*1] (Headquarters: Chatillon, France; CEO: Jef Van In) has completed the acquisition of shares in its aid business in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The stake acquisition underscores Europ Assistance’s focus on sustainable growth strategies in the region.

Antoine Parisi, CEO of Europ Assistance, said: “Europ Assistance is a market leader in Europe, Latin America and North America. Following several investments in recent years, this stake acquisition will allow us to Rapidly expanding our geographic reach and supporting our multi-line business global strategy. We will also drive multi-channel growth and demonstrate global market leadership.”

At present, European aid has operated in China, India and French territories in the Pacific region. After 2019, it will continue to establish bases in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, and will continue to expand its business by acquiring shares in Australia and Australia. Mapfre Assistencia has expanded its presence in the Middle East.

Left – Antoine Parisi, CEO of Europ Assistance Group.
Middle – Noritoshi Mori, CEO, Europe Aid Japan. [*2]
Right – Pascal Baumgarten, CEO Mobile & International, Europ Assistance Group.

Pascal Baumgarten, CEO of Europ Assistance Group Mobility & International, said: “The acquisition of AXA Partners shares enables us to strengthen our presence in Thailand and Malaysia, expand into Hong Kong and Taiwan, and enter Japan. We plan to provide comprehensive assistance to clients in these countries Provide services (travel, roadside, personal concierge) and expand our overseas travel insurance business with our business partners in Asia and global markets.”

Noritoshi Mori, CEO of Europ Assistance Japan, said: “Europ Assistance values ​​the corporate philosophy of always being close to the feelings of customers and putting customers first. Under our core vision, we aim to provide high-quality assistance services.

[*1] The shares of AXA Partners Malaysia (AAN/AAI Hub) were transferred by AXA Partners Holdings SA, and the shares of AXA Assistance Japan, IPA Thai, IPA Hong Kong and IPA Taiwan were transferred by IPA SA. The transaction excludes insurance and asset management businesses in Asia conducted by AXA entities other than AXA Partners.
[*2] The company name will be changed from AXA Assistance Japan KK to Europe Assistance Japan KK on August 1, 2023.

About European Aid
Founded in 1963, Europ Assistance, the world’s first assistance business, operates in more than 200 countries with a network of 750,000 affiliated providers in 43 locations. With our mission to “Relieve Anxiety Anytime, Anywhere,” offering roadside assistance, travel assistance and travel insurance, senior support services, digital identity protection, telemedicine, personal concierge, and more, here I come. With approximately 10,000 employees, we strive every day to be the number one reliable assistance company in the world.

Europ Assistance is part of the Generali Group, one of the world’s leading insurance companies.


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