Environmental Improvement Project in Cambodia~Normal School Road Construction~ (Okamoto Seminar at Kobe University of Foreign Studies, released on 2023/06/15)

Environmental Improvement Project in Cambodia~Normal School Road Construction~ (Okamoto Seminar at Kobe University of Foreign Studies, released on 2023/06/15)

Cambodia Environmental Improvement Project

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Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Okamoto Seminar!

The Okamoto seminar gathers students who are interested in “education, children, and schools”. The goal of many of our students is to become middle or high school teachers after college. We are trying to solve problems and issues in the world of education while being aware of international activities that only those of us who study foreign languages ​​and cultures can accomplish.

In particular, we work“Cambodia Environmental Improvement Project”yes. We split into three groups and tried to engage with Cambodia from every angle. Watch this video for each group activity.

In these colorful activities, through this crowdfunding,

Paving the Way for Teacher Training Institute Schools in Cambodiamy goal is

|Motivation to start the project

The seminar lecturer (Yoshihiro Okamoto) has been working as a team leader as part of JICA’s “Grassroots Technical Cooperation Project” since 2019 with the aim of improving the quality of education in Cambodia. While the teachers of the training class participated in the educational support of PTTC (Kampong Thom Primary School Teacher Training School) in Cambodia, the students of our training class communicated with local students online, and interacted with PTTC teachers when they visited Japan, which gave me the opportunity to think about education issues. Through these activities, I have personally learned about the learning situation of PTTC students. The roads around the teaching building are all dirt roads, and the male dormitory is dilapidated and in danger of collapsing, let alone resting. It is not a safe environment to live in at all.

Sensing a sense of crisis in the situation, Okamoto shared the current situation with his seminar students through local photos. I stood up.

When we think back to our student life in Japan, we don’t often feel inconvenienced by the environment such as facilities and equipment. In recent years, smooth roads, safe school buildings, and well-equipped ICT facilities have become commonplace.

However, for students at PTTC, such an environment cannot be taken for granted. Cambodia has a dry season and a rainy season. The rainy season (May to October) continues to rain, making it difficult for students to live in school with peace of mind. However, the national government’s budget is limited to teaching classes and there is no room for construction.

Therefore, as a student who is also studying to become a teacher, I am willing to do my best in order to provide an environment where students in charge of education in Cambodia can concentrate on their studies.

|Current Situation of Teacher Training Schools in Cambodia

The purpose we want to achieve through this crowdfunding is to create an environment where students can study with peace of mind by improving the environment of Kampong Thom Primary School Teacher Training School, especially by building roads in the campus.

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Students who have graduated from high school and aspire to become teachers are studying at Kampong Thom Primary School Teacher Training School. Most of them live far away from home, with poor transportation facilities and poorly paved roads.Moreover, Cambodia, where they live, has a rainy season and a dry season. Although it rains heavily in the rainy season, the roads in the school playground are not paved enough to provide students with a safe place to live. It is hard to say

In developing this project, students in our Okamoto workshop interacted with local students and we were able to hear their voices in order to learn more about students’ school life.

At this meeting,

“During the rainy season, we have to go to school even if it rains heavily, but when it rains, the roads in the school are not paved and the roads become messy.”

“The rain made the roads muddy and water seeped into classrooms and libraries.”

“Some students cannot go to school during the rainy season because they live in rural areas or are very poor and it is difficult to buy cars, umbrellas and raincoats.”

With such an opinion, I strongly feel that it is necessary to build a road in the campus for the benefit of the students.

In addition, local students also look forward to the improvement of the environment, not only for themselves, but also for future students.

In addition, a teacher at a teacher training school provided us with photos of poor drainage on the school grounds and where the project required roads to be built. From the photos, I can feel the strong desire of the students to study hard without any inconvenience.


Drainage was particularly poor in several places, including the area in front of the school building. The front of the entire teaching building in the picture below is where we are going to lay the road this time.

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|Cambodian students

Cambodian students who dream of becoming teachers are doing science experiments and giving lectures together.

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Future, they are very passionate about teaching and acquiring knowledge, let them understand the importance of learning and provide easy-to-understand lessons.

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In this way, from the perspective of the students who work hard every day at the local normal school, we would very much like to support those who, like us, aspire to become teachers, and provide them with an environment where they can rest. Inner Peace.

Local students and teachers sincerely thanked us for our support in Japan, far away from Cambodia.

For Cambodian students, an environment where they can study with peace of mind and without any inconvenience is a valuable asset.

We Japanese are willing to support them so that they can spend their time in a well-equipped environment and strive to become a teacher.

thanks for your support.

▼Fund use and progress

【Target Amount】

 1 million (6000 $)

*This item is all-in. Even if the total amount of support does not reach the target amount by the deadline, we will change the content and implement according to the amount. We will also consider other funding sources.

【Use of Funds】

・Concrete sidewalks on campus: about 830,000 yen

・Crowdfunding fee…about 100,000 yen

*This event will be held in cooperation with Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Okamoto Seminar and PTTC. Kobe City University of Foreign Studies will mainly raise funds and deposit the raised funds into PTTC. Okamoto Seminar and PTTC will jointly handle the Cambodian road construction procedures.


Construction is scheduled to start after November, which coincides with Cambodia’s dry season.

Regarding the specific construction progress and process, we will meet and report with PTTC and local Cambodian contractors as needed.

(About donation destination)

・Recipient’s name: PTTC (Provincial Teachers College)

・Whether the recipient agrees to accept the donation: Yes

・Do you agree with the comments in the story: Yes

【About Specific Donation Tax Incentives】

According to the Income Tax Act and Corporate Tax Act, donations to Kobe City University corporations are eligible for tax benefits.


〇Income Tax “Income Tax Law Article 78, Paragraph 2 No. 2”

If the total amount of donations (if the total amount of donations exceeds 40% of total income, etc., 40% of total income, etc.) exceeds 2,000 yen, the excess will be deducted from the income of the year.

Income deduction = donation amount – 2,000 yen

〇Individual municipal tax “Kobe City Tax Law Article 23-2 Paragraph 1 Paragraph 3”

In Kobe City, among income tax deduction targets, donations to organizations designated by the mayor are eligible for personal municipal tax deduction. The university has received this designation. For those living in Kobe City, if the total amount of donations (if the total amount of donations exceeds 30% of gross income, etc., 30% of gross income, etc.) exceeds 2,000 yen, 8% will be deducted by multiplying the excess by the tax amount. Tax credit amount = (donation amount – 2,000 yen) x 8%

〇Individual prefectural tax

If you live in Hyogo Prefecture and the total amount of donations (30% of gross income, etc., if the total amount of donations exceeds 30% of gross income, etc.) exceeds 2,000 yen, the excess tax amount multiplied by 2 % will be deducted. Tax credit amount = (donation amount – 2,000 yen) x 2%

■ For enterprises

〇Corporate Tax “Corporate Tax Law Article 37 Paragraph 3 Subparagraph 2”

Full deduction.

Regarding the procedures for enjoying preferential treatment, please file a tax return with the “Donation Receipt” issued by Kobe City University of Foreign Studies during the tax return period.

Once the donation is confirmed, the school will issue a Donation Receipt immediately.

■ Issue donation receipt

A Donation Receipt will be sent to the donor at a later date.

*The name on the donation receipt will be the name registered in the delivery address entered at the time of donation.

Please note that when filing your tax return you will need your real name and current address (the address listed on your residence card) or if you are a legal entity you will need a receipt with your name and address .

(To be sent by late December 2023. Receipt date is September 2023, when payment is received from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies from READYFOR.)

Project Executive Manager: Yoshihiro Okamoto (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Okamoto Seminar)

Project implementation completion date: 2024/03/31

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