emphasize! Boxer scores incredible flying knee KO after being knocked out | ONE Friday Fight 18

There’s been little fight action this Memorial Day weekend, and fight fans are looking for whatever they can get their hands on. Fortunately for them, the God of Fighters staged an epic comeback knockout earlier Friday (May 26, 2023) at ONE Friday Fights 18 inside the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

One of the card’s main attractions is the meeting between Muay Thai specialists Teeyai PK Saenchai and Saklek Kiatsongrit, which helps round out the top of the main card. Saenchai brought two straight fights and was the favorite in business. That’s exactly what happened, but Saenchai had to overcome some adversity to find the finish line.

In the second round, the two boxers battled on the ropes, with Kiatsongrit hitting hard to the body. Saenchai collapsed on the canvas and it looked like he might not be able to continue. He even wobbled when he stood up again.

Moments later, Saenchai calmed down and launched an absurd flying knee that hit Kiatsongrit straight into the pipe. Kiatsongrit fell onto the canvas immediately, and Saenchai came away with one of the most memorable knockouts of the year and arguably his greatest fighting performance to date.

Check out the video highlights below:

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