Eid traditions around the world

Muslims observe two main festivals across the globe: Eid al-Fitr and eid al adhaEid al-Fitr is a celebration at the end of Ramadan (the Islamic month of Ramadan), and Eid al-Fitr is a celebration of the sacrifices made by the Prophet Ibrahim (AS). Both festivals are celebrated by Muslims around the world. However, Muslims around the world and in different cultures have different Eid traditions, and that’s what I’m going to discuss today! Here is a list of countries that celebrate Eid with different traditions!


I start with my own country! This is how my family from Lebanon and I usually celebrate Eid. Usually, we wake up early in the morning for morning prayers (I believe Muslims do this globally, not just in Lebanon). Typically, Muslims go to their local mosque for Eid prayers.Afterwards, we visit the graves of deceased family members and make dead, It’s a prayer. Then we visit our extended family’s home to spend time with them, sometimes exchanging gifts, and then we go for a nice dinner. It’s very simple and very good.


In Pakistan, Muslims make a lot of preparations for Eid. They get their festive outfits on and the house is cleaned.They have lots of sweet and savory treats for themselves and their families, such as Biryani (a dish of rice). Of course, they also participate in Eid prayers early in the morning. Muslims in Pakistan use the holiday to reunite with friends and family they haven’t seen in a long time. It’s a way to reconnect.


After participating in Eid prayers, Muslims in Turkey traditionally return to their homes, where animals are prepared for blessing and then sacrificed (usually lambs, goats or sheep). After an animal is sacrificed and slaughtered, it is shared among the family and whatever is left is donated to the less fortunate. Finally, as usual, Muslims visit their friends and family and enjoy a good meal together.


Muslims in Morocco are hard at work preparing Moroccan cookies and pastries the day before Eid al-Fitr. Dinner dishes such as couscous, lamb or beef, and chicken are also prepared for family gatherings. However, traditionally, they celebrate Eid with a bit of a low key. They either choose to have a big dinner with extended family or enjoy their own dinner before visiting friends and family.For more gift exchanges, offer Zakat (Charity), more Eid prayers to follow; Moroccan celebration sounds lovely!


Muslims in Indonesia prepare food such as diamond and cookies and such castle. They also did something called San Kerman, It is a tradition to ask forgiveness from family members.Likewise, there is a tradition called Halal Double Halal, which is to visit the elders to ask for forgiveness. And, of course, gift exchanges and a lavish dinner.

A lot of these traditions are very similar, and that’s because Eid is about celebrating those around you, praying to God, giving to charity, and asking for forgiveness. Whether you’re keeping this celebration low-key or an entire festival, it always has something to do with it. For me, it was a way to reconnect with my family and remember my purpose in the world as a person and a proud Muslim.


How does Pakistan celebrate Eid?

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