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EcoFlow Technology Japan will release a portable refrigerator “GLACIER” and a new portable air conditioner “WAVE 2” on May 10. Online stores and electronics retailers will be accepting pre-orders from April 26.

GLACIER is a portable refrigerator with refrigeration, freezing and ice making functions. The 23L and 15L storage compartments can be switched between refrigerated and frozen, and the temperature can be set via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth from a smartphone. The ice making function can make 18 ice cubes in 12 minutes.

The battery pack (33,000 yen) has a capacity of 298 Wh, and can be used for about 40 hours in refrigerator mode, about 19 hours in freezer mode, and can make ice 10 times. The battery pack has a USB Type-C port that can also charge smartphones and other devices.

It measures 776 x 385 x 445mm and weighs 23kg, giving it the feel of a slightly larger cooler. The price is 124,300 yen.

WAVE 2 is an evolution from the previous simple cooling to a product that supports cooling and heating, and its volume has been reduced by about 20%. Equipped with a 1500W cooling function, it can reduce the temperature of a space below 10m2 by 10°C in about 5 minutes, and a 1800W heating function can increase the temperature by 10°C in about 5 minutes.


wave 2

The battery pack (110,000 yen) that can be attached to the bottom of the main unit has a capacity of 1,159 Wh and can run for up to 8 hours. It has three modes: energy-saving mode, sleep mode and fast mode, and can also be operated remotely from a smartphone. The battery pack has USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports and can also be used to power devices such as smartphones.

According to Marketing Director Taku Nakai, we listened to users’ negative feedback on the previous model, such as its size, weight, exhaust noise, and cooling performance, and made improvements. The refrigerant R134a used in the previous model is used in car air conditioners, but it is said to be environmentally friendly, such as the environmentally friendly R290.

The price is 143,000 yen, and a set with a battery pack is also sold for 245,300 yen.


Camping use case


Pictures installed in a camper


WAVE 2 (left) and WAVE (right)


Marketing Director Taku Nakai


There is no plan to sell it in Japan, but a demonstration meeting of the “BLADE” lawn mower was also held.

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