Dual SIM Dual Standby active in Hong Kong for the first time in 4 years, rich eSIM options-Mobile Watch

Dual SIM Dual Standby active in Hong Kong for the first time in 4 years, rich eSIM options-Mobile Watch

This year is Golden Week, and movement restrictions have been lifted for the first time in four years. Since border measures were lifted in April, I decided to travel abroad. Since February last year, business travel has begun to recover, but pure travel has been delayed. This time, I went to nearby Hong Kong for the last five days. Travel requires communication. Since the main terminals Galaxy Z Fold4 and iPhone 14 Pro are compatible with dual SIM cards, local SIM cards and eSIM cards were purchased.

First of all, since the main terminal Galaxy Z Fold4 has converted the docomo line to eSIM, only the physical SIM can be selected as the local SIM. In the case of dual eSIM, you can also opt for an eSIM, but that’s disappointing. If it is a physical SIM, you can basically pick it up after arriving at the destination, but this time I bought a prepaid SIM card (Hong Kong Express) on the flight to Hong Kong, so I bought it.

Buy eSIM on HK Express machine

They sell tourist SIM cards from a carrier called CSL. The usual 3GB price is 88 Hong Kong dollars (about 1,540 yen), and the special price on the plane is 78 Hong Kong dollars (about 1,367 yen). 3GB isn’t enough, but in fact, CSL is running a campaign to quadruple the data capacity as a promotion until June 30th. 3GB SIM becomes 12GB. This is fat. For the first time in a long time, I felt the enthusiasm that Hong Kong welcomes tourists.


Data capacity quadrupled during the campaign until the end of June. Japanese site is also available.

If you purchase and replace your SIM card from an on-board sales office, you can use data communication immediately upon arrival at your destination. Replacing a SIM card takes time, but is quicker than buying a physical SIM card at the airport or city. While international roaming has become easier to use, it’s still cheap to pay for data communications during your stay by that amount. However, from 2022, Hong Kong requires real-name registration of SIM card contracts, so users need to upload passport photos when using the service. I can access the registration site even if I am not registered, so I complete the procedure immediately after logging in, but I would like to point out that there is an extra hassle.

Another iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, has an eSIM for international roaming. This time I used not the usual Airalo, but a service called “Lesimo” provided by NTT Media Supply, a subsidiary of the NTT Group. There are various price plans in Hong Kong, but the deciding factor is the trial period offered until the end of May. I went with the 20GB plan with the largest amount of data because it’s free no matter which plan you choose.


I tried Lesimo, a new service from NTT Media Supply

After creating an account and choosing a plan, I was able to purchase an eSIM profile for 0 yen using the coupon at checkout. Since the QR code is displayed on my page, please read it to complete the setup. In Hong Kong, it is also connected to CSL. If you live for 5 days, 20GB is enough. Although roaming, but the speed is sufficient.


I bought the plan with the most data because it’s free.However, if you pay, it will be more than 30,000 yen

However, when it comes to charging, you have to say “um”. This is because the 20GB plan purchased this time will cost about 30,000 yen. In this case it will be more expensive than international roaming and buying a SIM card locally. 30,000 JPY is hard to get 20GB, although I say that in terms of free usage. In addition, for example, the 10GB package valid for 7 days is 5,980 yen, while the 10GB package valid for 15 days is more than 13,000 yen, so the price balance is a bit poor, and there is still room for improvement.

The price seems to be determined by the three elements of target country, data capacity, and validity period, but since they are arranged separately, it is difficult to make a choice when comparing necessary items. Although it is a trial version, the interface needs to be improved after the official server is launched. Also, within the same NTT group, there is a service, such as Transatel’s Ubigi, where the application and support are in Japanese. I think how to fight this kind of competition within the group and how to coexist will be a problem.


The fee is set according to the area that can be communicated, the data capacity, and the period of use. There are too many combinations of patterns, and it is difficult to find the pattern you need.This presentation has room for improvement

By the way, the Pixel 7 I’m carrying uses Rakuten Mobile’s international roaming communication. It’s free up to 2GB. Although the traffic will be added to the domestic part, if the total is kept at 3GB, it will cost 1078 yen a month, which is still very cost-effective. The capacity of only 2GB is difficult to cover all the communication during the period, but it is enough to be used as a “bridge” until the purchase of a local SIM card, or as a backup terminal or line.


Rakuten Mobile’s overseas data roaming is free up to 2GB.Hong Kong will also support 5G roaming

The company’s international roaming service is little known, in part because it entered the market during the COVID-19 crisis. For users who frequently travel abroad, we recommend that you check out Rakuten Mobile’s International Roaming again.

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