Dress smart, don’t climb volcanoes: New rules for tourists in Bali

Dress smart, don’t climb volcanoes: New rules for tourists in Bali

In Bali, do like a Balinese – here’s the new Bali government rule for travelers. The governor of Bali appears to have introduced a measure to rein in unruly tourists, Wayne Coster, issued a circular outlining 12 obligations and eight restrictions for tourists. The directives follow multiple incidents of tourists encroaching on sacred sites in Bali. Considering that Bali is a popular holiday destination for Indians, we have some dos and don’ts for you – from respecting the sanctity of holy sites to paying with payment methods in Indonesian rupiah.

“Bali is often seen as the destination where everything goes wrong”
travel Operators, flooded with requests and inquiries for Bali tour packages, appear to be in favor of the new directive. “Bali has always been very welcoming to tourists. But recent videos of tourists misbehaving send a message that Bali mein kuch bhi chalta hai. Tourists should know that there are consequences for flouting the law. Those planning to visit Bali should read the recent Advice to avoid getting into any uncomfortable situations,” shared Neha Pranay Nath, founder of a travel company.


“Only use local currency and carry an official license”
Among the travel rules, three points stand out – vehicles should be rented from certified service providers, tourists can only stay in registered hotels and villas, must pay in Indonesian rupiah, use Indonesian standard QR codes and exchange foreign currency at authorized banks . Neha Pranay Nath says, “To holiday by car in Bali, you must have an international driver’s license. When booking accommodation, tourists should double check that the owner has the required license. arrangements to avoid any last-minute inconvenience.”


“Volcanoes are off limits for tourists”
Another move in Bali that could affect tourists is the immediate ban on all tourism on mountains and volcanoes, according to reports. “The ban will remain in effect forever,” Bali Governor Wayan Koster said in a statement, adding that the ban would include foreign tourists as well as local residents and tourists.

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