DK Shivakumar’s big allegation against BJP and JDS-Reason…

DK Shivakumar’s big allegation against BJP and JDS-Reason…

DK Shivakumar’s big allegation against BJP and JDS-Reason…

In Karnataka, politics intensified as BJP and JDS speculation grew closer. Now Karnataka deputy mayor DK Shivakumar has accused the opposition of planning to overthrow the Congress government. Shivakumar told ANI news agency on Monday (July 24) that BJP and JDS leaders are trying to reach a compromise. Unable to meet in Bengaluru or New Delhi, they have now booked flights to Singapore.

“Our enemies turned friends” – he said our enemies turned friends. I have information about people who are going to (Singapore) planning to destabilize the Congress government in Karnataka. The deputy prime minister said Singapore was implementing a “overarching strategy” against the Congress government in Karnataka state.

SINGAPORE TRAVEL INFORMATION – DK Shivakumar said this when asked about the recent visit to Singapore by former director-general HD Kumaraswamy. DK Shivakumar said, I know he (HD Kumaraswamy) is visiting Singapore. Instead of drawing up a game plan in Bangalore, he traveled to Singapore to strategize. We know everything. Earlier on Friday, former chief ministers Basavaraj Bommai and HD Kumaraswamy announced at a joint political meeting in Bengaluru that they would jointly oppose the state’s Congress-led government on various issues. Coomaraswamy has since traveled to Singapore on Sunday.

HD Deve Gowda denies this speculation

On this matter, JDS Supreme Leader, ex-Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda made it clear that he has no plans to form an alliance with the BJP or join the NDA. He said the party would run independently and there was no question of the Indian Development Alliance or opposition parties joining the Grand Alliance of India.

HD Kumaraswamy strongly opposed the deployment of IAS officers to the opposition meeting in Bangalore. Apart from this, he also condemned when ten BJP provincial MPs were suspended in the Karnataka state assembly and protested with BJP leaders outside the Bengaluru parliament.

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