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American Diner-themed ‘Toy Story’ Merchandise Debuts at Disney Store

The Disney Store will be launching a 1950s American diner-themed collection on July 21.

It has a pop design featuring characters from the movie “Toy Story” and has mostly evolved from the cutlery you would actually use while eating.

Tokyo Disney Flagship Store and Disney Official Online Store Disney will start pre-sale on July 18.

Craving pizza and chips? There are plenty of designs that alien lovers are sure to love!

All new creations that make dining with Toy Story characters feel like home at home are trending designs. Centerpieces are tableware, such as the lovely paper plate-shaped ‘Plate’, the ‘Dessert Cup’ perfect for serving desserts, and the ‘Melamine Cup’ with American stripes.

There are so many alien-focused designs that fans can’t resist. There are also many highlights such as Bo Peep in special costumes.

There are also “seasoning containers (set of 2)” that can be used in the atmosphere of the store, such as wasabi and ketchup, on the table, instantly bringing the world view of the 1950s. In addition to items that can be worn everyday like “aprons,” there are also items that can be set up in the kitchen to make you feel like a restaurant employee.

There is also a lineup of products that are ideal for display, such as “LED lights”.


“LED light” (6050 yen)

In addition, “Tsum Tsum” with the theme of American restaurants is also on sale. Minnie Mouse in a striped dress served with a hot dog, ketchup and mustard topped with a burger is irresistibly cute.


The restaurant menu and “Tsum Tsum” (1,300 yen each) in the shape of the staff will also be released at the same time.


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