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Discover the serenity of Sri Lanka at Kuluru Bay and beyond



I practice yoga yoga with my eyes closed, but my other senses are on high alert. Frangipani trees scent the evening air, and monkeys howl as they swing from branch to branch. When I blink them back on, the sky is a moving canvas of cotton candy clouds. I’m lying on a yoga salad at Kurulu Bay overlooking Lake Koggala, which opened last December. It’s part of a chain of adult-only hotels and lodges that has sprung up inland from Ahangama, a cool surf spot on Sri Lanka’s south coast that has picked up pace since the pandemic. They follow in the footsteps of The Palm, a tropical paradise with A-frame cabins and brand new treehouse suites where you wake up immersed in the jungle.

In Kurulu (meaning bird in Sinhala), life revolves around beautiful restaurants and turquoise swimming pools. I spend my soft, peaceful days here, fueled by tuna sashimi salad and lobster tail curry, gentle swims and the occasional float to the lovely spa for a massage – and a good night’s sleep in my cabin at night . Only a 10-minute tuk-tuk ride from the hustle and bustle of town, Kuluru Bay is a haven of tranquility.


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