“Digital tax-free counters” equipped with “PIE VAT”, a digital tax-free system from “Pie Systems”, will operate sequentially at 3 facilities of “Mitsui Outlet Park” and “DiverCity Tokyo Plaza” from June! |Pie Systems Japan Co., Ltd. Press Release

“Digital tax-free counters” equipped with “PIE VAT”, a digital tax-free system from “Pie Systems”, will operate sequentially at 3 facilities of “Mitsui Outlet Park” and “DiverCity Tokyo Plaza” from June! |Pie Systems Japan Co., Ltd. Press Release

1. Three major features of the digital tax exemption system “PIE VAT” developed by Pie Systems!

1) No waiting/queuing

・・・Reduce the time required for tax exemption through the digital tax exemption program

2) Cashless

・・・In the past, cash refunds were made in Japanese yen, but credit cards, electronic payment services WeChat Pay,

Digital refunds can be made using PayPal, etc.

3) Free Internet with eSIM function

・・・Free Internet connection service in the app “PIE VAT”

(https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000025.000082580.html) Available

2. Benefits for Japanese shops and tourists!

1) Advantages of franchise stores

  ✔︎ Acquisition of inbound demand and increase in sales can be expected

In addition to being able to attract tourists to Japan through tax-free support, since goods purchased from multiple stores can be handled centrally at the counter,

You can look forward to shopping.

✔︎Shops selling low-priced goods will enjoy tax-free benefits

Even for stores that have not reached the tax-exempt target amount (5,000 yen excluding tax), tax-exempt sales can be obtained by adding up between participating stores.



✔︎ No need for complicated tax exemption procedures and work

Pie Systems handles the store tax exemption application for you free of charge, without the need to go through various application or tax exemption procedures at each store.

In addition, there is no need to confirm tax-exempt status at the store or pack tax-free items, and they can be sent to visitors to Japan simply by processing at the usual cash register.

Tax-free sales are possible. It can also avoid foreign tourists waiting in long queues in the store for tax-free procedures.


✔︎ You can view and analyze the tax-free transaction data of your own store on the dashboard and use it for inbound measures.

On the Dashboard screen, participating stores can also view the tax-free transaction details and data of their stores by nationality.

Therefore, it can be effectively used for entry measures. Data can also be downloaded.

✔︎ Low cost tax exemption

In addition, Pie Systems’ “Digital Duty-Free Bulk Goods Counter” does not charge a fee for use in the store.

Pie Systems also provides duty-free shop stickers, tax-free procedure leaflets, and packaging materials for consumables required for tax-free procedures.

We provide it for free.

2) Discounts for tourists visiting Japan

  ✔︎ One-time tax exemption procedures, effective use of accommodation time.

Products purchased from multiple stores are processed together at the counter, so you can shop without waiting at each store.

  ✔︎ Goods purchased in multiple stores can be combined for tax exemption

It is easier to reach the tax-free amount by accumulating the purchase amount of multiple stores for tax exemption.

  ✔︎ Tax-free procedures can be completed without contact (contactless)

It is safe and secure because you can complete the tax exemption procedure without contact through the app “PIE VAT”.

You can also view the status (progress) of the program in the app.

✔︎ Secure internet connection while traveling

In addition, you can use the free Internet connection service in the application “PIE VAT”.

■ About “PIE VAT” and the digital tax-free counter “PIE VAT Station”

“PIE VAT” is a solution (app) that fully digitizes the VAT (Value Added Tax, indirect tax equivalent to Japanese consumption tax) tax refund application process. We provide a safe and convenient duty-free shopping experience for tourists visiting Japan. We are commissioned by commercial facilities (malls, etc.) to install and operate digital tax-free counters using PIE VAT.

Comment by Hiroshi Mizuno, CEO, Pie Systems Japan

We are very pleased that Pie Systems’ “Digital Duty Free Bulk Counter” has been introduced to “Mitsui Outlet Park” and “DiverCity Tokyo Plaza”, shopping places frequented by many tourists visiting Japan. In addition to reducing the workload and efficiency of stores in the facility, it is also possible to minimize the waiting time at the tax-free counter (call after completing the procedures), so you can expect improved customer experience for visitors to Japan.

In addition to the electronic duty-free services already provided by “PIE VAT”, Pie Systems aims to become a “travel platform” that connects inbound travelers with PIE VAT affiliated stores.

In addition to the current PIE VAT and free Internet connection services for tourists visiting Japan, Pie Systems will continue to provide travelers with a pleasant travel experience, reduce the operational burden and efficiency of PIE VAT affiliated stores, and increase inbound demand.We will provide a new service that supports the merger

■ About the “Pie Chart System”

A travel technology (Note 1) company established in the United States in 2018. We started offering services in Denmark and Norway in 2018 and entered the Japanese market in 2021. With our motto “Empowering Local Partners Globally”, we support your global business by providing digital solutions for duty-free procedures that connect businesses and travelers in every country and region.

Pie Systems aims to be a travel platform that serves as a bridge between travelers and business operators (PIE VAT affiliates), providing pleasant travel by solving various inconveniences in travel and expanding the capture of inbound demand by PIE VAT affiliates experience. We support this.

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Note 1) Travel Tech: A coined word combining tourism and technology.Businesses and programs that use technology to reduce traveler hassle and facilitate seamless support

Click here for information on the introduction of PIE VAT

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