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Dhanbad hospital fire kills doctor, couple and 3 others | Ranchi News

Danbad: At least five people, including a doctor and his wife, were suffocated to death in a fire at RC Hazra Memorial Hospital, part of the Bank More Police Department, early Saturday morning. Some patients hospitalized at the area’s well-known maternity health center were not affected as the flames were confined to the second floor of the three-story building.
The owner of the hospital Dr Vikas Hazira (70), his wife and renowned gynecologist Dr Prema Hazira (65) and their maid Tara, Dr Vikas’ relative Soham Khamamru and One of his relatives died together, the identities of these relatives have not been determined, who came to perform the Wonderful Sound Bodhisattva Puja at the hospital and residence.
The couple’s pet dog also died in the incident. At the time of submission of the report, another relative in Dr Vikas’ hometown was identified as Sunil, who was fighting for his life at the Patliputra Nursing Home in Dhanbad. Relatives of the deceased maid and Dr Vikas are said to be in their 40s.
Expressing their condolences to the victims of the fire, Chief Minister Hemanth Soren and State Health Minister Banna Gupta asked Dhambad SAR to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause behind the fire and submit a report as soon as possible. The Ranchi State Fire Department said the hospital had no NOC and no fire safety system installed.
Sources said the fire started at 2 a.m. on Saturday due to a short circuit. According to reports, the fire started in the storage room on the second floor of the hospital, which is connected to the doctor’s residence through a corridor. The victim was unable to get out of the room as the hallway was engulfed in flames.
Witnesses said Dr. Vikas was seen yelling for help from the window of his home. His body was later found in the bathtub, suggesting he may have tried to save himself with water.
Although several fire extinguishers were available in various corners, victims were unable to use them. The hospital, built in the 1960s, has no fire alarms.

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