Democratic government ‘more important’


Pita: “Stand with the people”

Kadima Party (MFP) leader Pita Limjaroenrat said on Facebook that forming a democratic government was more important than being prime minister.

Mr Peeta uploaded a video clip on Saturday laying out the foreign ministry’s position on the political situation.

He said it was clear the MFP was being stymied by Conservatives and that the Majesty Proposal had been used as an excuse to stop him.

“Just because I can’t become prime minister doesn’t mean our hope of changing the future is over,” Peeta wrote on Facebook.

Mr Peeta added: “It doesn’t matter if the MFP is unable to form a government, but the votes of 27 million people must not be in vain.”

“As long as we hold our hands firmly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is ready to support the formation of a people’s government for Pheu Thai, so that the old forces will never succeed,” Mr Peeta wrote.

Meanwhile, Mr Pita addressed the public at the Now Hotel near Jomtien Beach in Pattaya on Saturday during a weekend trip to thank voters in Chonburi, Rayong and Chanthaburi provinces after the Constitutional Court suspended him as an MP pending a ruling on his media stake case.

“Even though they don’t want us (MFP) to form a government and make me prime minister, I stand by all of you and insist that I will never leave you,” Mr Peeta said.

“What’s the point of holding an election? Is it just a formality?”

“We cannot surrender. Since we are in the same boat, all eight coalition parties must form a people’s government to end the dictatorship.

“Since I can’t stay in Parliament, I will stand with the people and continue to work for them,” Mr Peeta said. “If the boat leaks, we should fix it together, not throw someone off the boat.”

Meanwhile, PKR secretary-general Kannavee Suebsang said Pheu Thai could form a government by winning more votes from other party MPs and senators. After twice failing to get Mr Pita elected prime minister in parliament, the MFP has handed over responsibility for forming a government to the party.


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