Delhi Police issue traffic warning to warn Delhiites of traffic jams

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To ensure peace and safety during the upcoming Kanwar Yatra, Delhi Traffic Police has issued traffic warnings. The Department of Transport has detailed arrangements for isolating the movement of Kanwarians and road users on this auspicious occasion. Kanwar Yatra, held during the holy month of Shravan (also known as “Saavan or Sawan”), is an annual pilgrimage performed by Hindu devotees known as Kanwarias in July and August of the Gregorian calendar.

Devotees from all over India travel barefoot to Haridwar, Gangotri, parts of Uttarakhand, Bihar and other holy places to fetch holy water from the Ganges with the utmost devotion. The water is then dedicated to the “Shivlings” of Lord Shiva. Notably, this year’s Kanwar Yatra begins today, July 4, and will culminate on August 15.

In its briefing, the Delhi Traffic Police warned people that congestion is expected in several places due to Kanwar Yatra. Large numbers of Kanwarians travel to the capital every year, with some devotees walking across the Delhi border to the holy site. According to the proposal, the number of believers this year will reach a record high of around 150,000 to 2 million.

Kanwar Yatra 2023: Advice from Delhi Traffic Police

“Canvarias and road users are advised to obey the traffic rules and obey the instructions of the police officers on duty. During this auspicious period of the Canvarias movement, traffic violations will be prosecuted on the spot and photographed/videod of violations Check, then prosecute.”

Kanwar Yatra 2023: Rerouting

  1. Uttar Pradesh Police will transfer Heavy Transport Vehicles (HTV) from Mohan Nagar to NH-24. There will be no traffic congestion on GT Road via Apsala border or Wazirabad Road via Bhopura.
  2. The bulletin stated that HTVs other than city buses are not allowed on GT roads leading to Shahdara and Wazirabad roads.
  3. In addition to city buses, heavy commercial transport vehicles from GT Karnal Road, the outer ring road, will be diverted to NH-24. They will not be allowed to travel along GT Road and Wazirabad Road to Shahdara.
  4. The announcement stated that heavy commercial transport vehicles will divert at Wazirabad Road and exit the outer ring road from Loni Road (Shahdra side).

During these auspicious days in Kanwar Yatra and roadside Kanwar camps, there will be traffic jams or blockages in some places. Normally, there will be severe traffic congestion along Rani Jhansi Road, 66 Foota Road, Mathura Road, Maujpur Chowk, Gokalpuri Flyover, Boulevard Road from Baraf Khana Chowk to the fire station and Azad Market Chowk, Badarpur ‘T’- Point.

Likewise, the NH-8 road from Dhaula Kuan MRT station to the Rajokri border also suffers from severe traffic congestion. According to the bulletin, there will also be congestion on the NH-24 highway as the Uttar Pradesh Police diverts vehicles bound for the Apsala border and the Maharajpur border to Ghazipur.

“With #KanwarYatra2023 on the horizon, stakeholders, civil administration and organizers held a meeting in North East. In it, they were briefed on their roles, safety measures, do’s and don’ts and better Coordination,” DCP Northeast Region tweeted.

Kanwar Yatra 2023: A Guide to Kanwarias

  • No one is allowed to start Kanwar Yatra without a valid identity document.
  • Kanwar over 12 feet in height will be stopped.
  • Carrying sticks, Trisuls or any other sharp objects is forbidden among Kanwarians.
  • Crack down on inappropriate songs that incite religious sentiment.
  • The playing of music is not prohibited in the Kanwarians, but the volume of it should be controlled.

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Updated: July 4, 2023 14:02:30 UTC

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