Cristalino Lodge Brazil Review Wanderlust

Cristalino Lodge Brazil Review Wanderlust

The transfer from the Alta Floresta airport to the Cristalino Lodge begins as usual, with a minibus taking you out of town through idyllic landscapes of grazing white cattle and crop fields. But when you go through a door, the effect is like walking through a wardrobe into Narnia. Here, a boat awaits to take you on the 30-minute drive along the Cristalino River to the hotel. The water is amazingly dark and clear. And trees, lots of them – primeval forest covers the sides. You might spot monkeys and some of the more than 600 species of exotic birds found here, before mooring on the walkway leading to the lodge itself.

Located in the southern Amazon, Cristalino Lodge is a beacon of sustainability. Accommodation is in wooden bungalows with natural ventilation, no air conditioning, and powered by solar energy. Food is organic and local, and recycling is valued. The restaurant is candlelit at night; afterward, you can lounge outside and have a drink by the fire while admiring the stars.

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