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Following a six-month investigation that resulted in the arrest of six suspects, police and customs officials revealed at a press conference today that earlier this year, police and customs officials intercepted a shipment of wood chips concealed in a shipment imported from Canada. 456 kg of cannabis in pellets. Get involved.

On April 28, officers from the Third Special Police Unit of the National Police Department cooperated with the Keelung Customs Bureau and the Bali Customs Inspection Station to inspect a batch of multi-purpose wood pellets imported from Canada and found 409 bags of marijuana hidden in 35-pound bags of marijuana. Eagle Valley brand multipurpose wood pellets.

Sacks of marijuana stashed in a multi-purpose wood pellet bag. Image: Police Department, Ministry of the Interior.

Under the guidance of the New Taipei City Prosecutor’s Office, the Third Special Police Corps established a task force to investigate the case. The police first arrested Mr. Yao, the head of a development company, who was picking up the goods. Over a period of about six months, five more suspects were arrested in connection with the case.

The five suspects are members of local gangs linked to the Zhulian in Beitou and Shilin districts of Taipei City.

The New Taipei region ordered Yao and other suspects to be held incommunicado. The court also issued an arrest warrant for the suspect, Lin, who lives in Canada and purchased the drug from a marijuana farm in the country.

Based on an average price of NT$1,500 per gram, the police estimate that the market value of this batch of goods is close to NT$700 million.

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