Companies and individuals receive VITA awards


Nearly 300 companies and individuals across the country have won the 2024 VITA AWARDS, which is one of the highest honors of its kind. — Photos provided by the organizer

Hanoi – Nearly 300 companies and individuals across the country have been awarded the 2024 VITA Award, one of the highest honors of its kind in the country.

The award is presented by the Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA) to recognize outstanding organizations, enterprises and individuals in Vietnam’s tourism industry that have made outstanding achievements, actively participated in VITA activities, and made effective contributions to the recovery of Vietnam’s tourism industry in 2023.

Within the framework of the Vietnam International Tourism Expo VITM on April 11, the VITA Simulation and Recognition Committee recognized two individuals with special contributions who created conditions for VITA to successfully organize national events. Ten former VITA leaders and organizations that have made active and effective contributions to VITA activities were also commended.

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Individuals and enterprises that have made outstanding achievements in the field of tourism were commended. Photography: TRẦN HUẤN/

On this occasion, VITA also awarded certificates and tourism accommodation venues with outstanding performance in 2023 to 20 associations and 112 individuals, including leaders of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, leaders of provincial and municipal tourism associations, TV reporters, tourism companies and passenger transport managers.

The Vietnam Tourism Journalists Club and its nine outstanding members are journalists from major news organizations who have excellent results in news reporting in the tourism field and have made positive contributions to the recovery and development of Vietnam’s tourism industry in 2023. They received this award ceremony.

In 2023, thanks to the efforts of the entire industry, especially tourism enterprises, Vietnam will receive 12.6 million international tourists and more than 108 million domestic tourists. Tourist revenue reached VND678.3 trillion (USD27.1 billion).vagus nerve stimulation


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