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“Japan → Indian Ocean 27,000km I boarded a huge passenger ship!” aired at 6:30 on Sundays!

The fourth bomb of the giant ship series! We followed the 48-day voyage of the luxury cruise ship “Nippon Maru” and got a glimpse of the whole picture of this long-awaited cruise journey.

“TV Tokyo plus” introduces a part of broadcast contents in advance in particular.

With a total length of 166.6 meters, Nippon Maru is one of Japan’s leading luxury cruise ships. The ship has 199 guest rooms and can accommodate up to 449 guests, making it a veritable sea resort hotel!

The route departed from Yokohama Port, entered the Indian Ocean from Ishigaki Island and Singapore, entered the Maldives, crossed the equator, and headed for Mauritius, known as the lady of the Indian Ocean. The final destination is Madagascar, which is rich in natural resources! The return journey is a large cruise ship returning to Japan via Singapore.

The biggest highlight is the contact with nature at the port of call. In the Indian Ocean, there are also groups of dolphins! Encounters with ecosystems and adorable creatures beyond imagination await.

On December 15, 2022, a luxury cruise ship “Nippon Maru” was moored at the Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal in Yokohama Port. With the long-awaited resumption of overseas cruise ships, passengers boarded the ship with great anticipation. One of the great things about cruise travel is the ease of getting around once you put your luggage on board.

On board the Nippon Maru, PCR testing is performed one week before boarding and on the day of boarding. There are full-time doctors, nurses and inspectors on standby on board, and they can inspect about 100 people per hour. Inspections are performed every 6 days and thorough infection control measures are in place.

After the inspection, we can finally set sail!

The rooms are luxuriously furnished. A luxurious space that makes you forget about everyday life unfolds.

When it comes to onboard hospitality, it’s the food that matters. The restaurant has the ambiance of a hotel restaurant and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Basic meals are included in the tour price, but you can pay extra to enjoy sushi and sake at the bar, prepared by skilled chefs.

Even a casino room! Ships registered in Japan cannot be wagered with cash, but with “game tickets” that can be redeemed for prizes.

And the big singer will be at the show in the hall! Who is on board… please check the program.
There are many entertainers on the Nippon Maru, and there are various performances in the hall, so you will never feel bored.

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