Co To calls for action to prevent plastic pollution at tourism events


Co To calls for action to prevent plastic pollution at tourism events

Locals help clean up trash on the beaches of Gu Su Island.Image source: Vietnam News Agency

Ko Su District in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh requires local accommodation facilities and tourism companies to adopt environmentally friendly measures in tourism operations and build islands free of plastic bags and other disposable items.

The head of the Department of Culture, Information and Tourism of Nguyen Hai Linh County said that the island is likely to receive a large number of tourists this summer.

Lam said authorities have asked local accommodation and tourism businesses to increase their use of environmentally friendly and recyclable products.

The official said that by 2024, the district will encourage all tourists to go to the island without plastic bags and strictly implement the Suzhou Tourism and Environmental Code of Conduct.

He emphasized that accommodation establishments and travel agencies that do not inform tourists of plastic reduction measures must take full responsibility for any problems that arise.

Starting from August 2022, Gusu Island will carry out publicity activities to encourage tourists and residents not to use plastic bags and disposable items on the island. Starting from September 15, 2023, the area prohibits tourists from bringing disposable plastic items to the island.

In July 2020, the district invested in a new incinerator system with a designed processing capacity of 750 kilograms per hour, processing about 70% of the district’s daily garbage.

However, because Suzhou is located near the intersection of ocean currents, it is vulnerable to the “seasonal landing” of marine debris. Therefore, environmental and waste issues remain major issues facing popular tourist destinations, especially during peak tourist seasons.

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