Claudia Bahamon’s difficult day in hospital


Claudia Bahamon isn’t having a great time these days and it’s all about her health. The model, architect and TV presenter revealed why she was absent from social networks and why she had to undergo surgery.

“I know there’s a lot going on about my health and I’d rather be the one telling the details. What happened to me? During a session with a physical doctor who gave me painkillers, I mistakenly punctured my pleura This causes the space between the pleura and the lungs to fill with air, and when this happens, the lungs essentially collapse. Accidents can happen, unfortunately it’s my turn and I’m dealing with it now”, says Claudia Bahamón.

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This clinical accident meant that Claudia Bahamon had to be taken to a nursing home in the shortest possible time. “We went to the emergency room immediately. I felt so much pain and pressure in my chest and back. I felt suffocated. He drowned. What is the diagnosis? Pneumothorax: A pneumothorax is the presence of air in the pleural space, causing the lung to collapse.

The whole process was very painful and uncomfortable, but Claudia Bahamon was strong: “How is it controlled? A large tube/catheter is attached to the pleura/lungs and left in place for a few days Breathing therapy allows the air trapped between the pleura and the lungs to leave the body and helps restore the function of the lungs so they can function normally again.”

Although Claudia Bahamón is still suffering from pneumothorax, she stands by her beliefs and her loved ones: “Does it hurt? Yes, very much. You feel pressure, suffocation, discomfort ..time to breathe as slowly as possible and allow yourself to be as patient as possible. Here I do nothing but pray and give thanks for life. Except, I have a fantastic medical team who take care of me and manage the pain, and of course my mother, all my family and close friends.”

Finally, Claudia Bahamón sent a soulful message to her fans: “As of Thursday, I will soon be leaving the clinic and I will continue to live life to the fullest. Thank you for your concern and thank you for your messages of love and best wishes. I’m fine and I’ll be better. I love them forever. “

Photos shared by Claudia Bahamon at the hospital


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