Chinese tourists cancel travel plans to Japan after Fukushima nuclear wastewater enters the sea

Chinese tourists cancel travel plans to Japan due to nuclear wastewater discharge

Japan was once one of the most popular overseas travel destinations for Chinese tourists.

However, Japan’s recent discharge of wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power plant has damaged the country’s attractiveness to Japan.

Chinese citizens began to cancel their travel plans to Japan.

Travel agencies have also suspended promotions for travel packages to Japan.

Chinese tourists reluctant to travel to Japan, cancel plans

According to China Press, the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism resumed group tours to Japan on August 10.

This is the first tour group from Beijing to the “Land of the Rising Sun” since arriving at Haneda Airport four days after the outbreak.

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Before the outbreak, Japan received more than 9 million Chinese tourists. This puts Chinese tourists at the top of the list in terms of tourism and spending.

Japan is not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in China, but also the first choice for China’s National Day holiday starting October 1.

However, with the news that wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power plant was being discharged into the Pacific Ocean, many people canceled their travel plans.

Travel sites stop prominently displaying Japan listings

Chinese travel platforms initially discovered that the demand for group tours in Japan has surpassed that of other destinations such as Singapore and Thailand.

But with this new development, the travel website has pulled the Japan information from prominence.

Customers have been pulling out of travel over the past few days. Others who had originally wanted to visit Japan in November delayed booking vacations.

Fukushima nuclear power plant water

Source: Reuters via BBC

Given the current situation, Chinese media reported that several travel agencies will adjust the packages they promote.

They will no longer advertise the destination as heavily. Some are considering stopping marketing altogether.

Travel agency CEO says Japan tourism economy could take a hit

On Chinese social media, many condemned the Fukushima plant’s wastewater treatment. Most of them said they had boycotted the upcoming trip.

In addition, there are concerns that this could lead to further deterioration of Sino-Japanese tensions.

Zhang Zhining, chief executive of a travel agency, noted that Japan was initially expected to benefit from the national day holiday.

But now, the number of Chinese tourists to Japan is expected to drop sharply. Japan’s tourism economy could also take a hit due to a drop in the number of Chinese tourists, he said.

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