China Airlines and Philippine Airlines add more codeshare routes | News

China Airlines and Philippine Airlines add more codeshare routes | News

Taiwanese carrier China Airlines has announced an expansion of its codeshare agreement with Philippine Airlines to capitalize on the strong post-COVID-19 travel market between Taiwan and the Philippines.

The newly added routes include the Taipei-Cebu and Kaohsiung-Manila routes operated by China Airlines, as well as connecting flights to regional destinations in the Philippines. The two airlines will work closely to expand the local and transit markets and provide passengers with more comprehensive and convenient flight options.

China Airlines and Philippine Airlines have long operated the existing Taipei-Manila route on codeshare flights. New code-share flights include Taipei-Cebu (CI705/706) five times a week, Kaohsiung-Manila (CI711/712) four times a week, and Manila-Cebu, Manila-Davao, Manila-Ilo Ilo, Cebu-Davao and Cebu-Iloilo routes are operated by Philippine Airlines.

Through the code-sharing agreement, China Airlines now has 8 routes, spanning all major regional destinations in the northern, central and southern Philippines, becoming the Taiwanese airline with the most comprehensive network in the Philippines. Passengers can now easily transfer to Davao, the third largest city in the Philippines, Iloilo and other places via destinations operated by China Airlines. Passengers departing from the Philippines can also take advantage of Taiwan as a transit hub to travel to major European and American cities.

China Airlines is actively expanding its route network in Southeast Asia, which currently covers 15 destinations, including newly opened routes to Cebu, Da Nang, and Chiang Mai. There are now more than 150 round-trip flights per week. More destinations and services have also been added to the network through codeshares with other airlines, including: Taipei to Singapore and Bali in partnership with Garuda Indonesia, and Jakarta and Bali to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia route. A codeshare with Bangkok Airways offers connecting flights from Chiang Mai to the popular holiday destinations of Koh Samui and Phuket. The agreements provide greater flexibility for business, tourism and transit passengers flying between Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand.

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