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Even if you’re not an astrology geek, you’ve probably heard of Mercury retrograde. Mercury rules information, travel, transportation, and communications, so unexpected cancellations, delays, and misunderstandings are common during retrograde periods.

The last Mercury retrograde in 2022 will start on December 29, which is in the middle of the winter vacation, but on December 12, we will enter the “before shadow” period before the retrograde, and we have already felt some impact.Might be someone. It is said that this phase of Mercury’s deceleration is more stressful than during retrograde, when you lose your wallet, your booked flight is canceled, you are stuck in traffic on the highway, or you don’t even have a change of clothes. There may also be unexpected troubles, such as wine spilled on

Especially the travel and return home at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, even without the trouble of Mercury retrograde, it is challenging enough. Mercury went direct on January 18th, but its retrograde “aftershadow” lasts until February 23rd. In other words, let your guard down before Valentine’s Day is over. Plan your romantic dates and travel carefully. Check out our tips for traveling comfortably during Mercury retrograde below.

1. Keep calm at all times

People often experience anxiety when bullet trains or flights are canceled or delayed. You can’t control traffic or fly your own plane, so it’s important to stay calm and accept the status quo. If you’re feeling down, take a deep breath, listen to relaxing music, and make a conscious change.

2. Efficient use of travel time

Refresh yourself by watching a movie or playing a game on your iPad, computer or smartphone. Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or have a meaningful conversation and connect with someone in your travels. Take a late flight or train and give yourself enough freedom to explore the area.

3. Do light flexibility exercises while you wait

When you’re lingering in an airport or train station waiting room, do some light stretches to release tension in your body. Watch to release negative thoughts and energy with each movement.

4. Don’t forget to pack your bags

Be careful with lost or stolen luggage when traveling in crowds. It’s a good idea to have a bag with everything you need, including valuables, a change of clothes, and a toothbrush, to keep with you. In addition, when checking in luggage, please attach a label with your name, phone number, etc., so that you can quickly find it if it is lost.

5. Thorough inspection before departure

Don’t forget to check in advance whether your passport or driver’s license has expired. Check your itinerary the day before your trip to make sure everything is in order.

6. Arrive as early as possible

It is best to arrange a taxi 30 minutes in advance. Even if there is a slight traffic jam, as long as you have enough time to go out, you should be fine. When traveling by car, take your time and take your time. You should be able to drive comfortably with less stress.

7. Use an alarm clock for time management

Set an alarm for peace of mind while waiting at the station or airport. Don’t rush or panic when it’s time to leave. Acting calmly can ease the tension that comes with Mercury retrograde.

8. Embrace Mercury retrograde

We all know that Mercury retrograde affects travel and action. Don’t be surprised if there are any delays or problems. Try to stay calm and have a sense of humor instead of getting frustrated and emotional.

Text: Lisa Stardust Adaptation: Motoko Fujita

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