Changes to travel news quiz for August 18, 2023

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Did you follow the news this week? Test your knowledge on our Friday News quiz.

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Test your travel knowledge with highlights from this week’s coverage by Skift editors and reporters. How much do you follow the news?


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Ash Transfer: Ask Skift is a new way for readers to access our vast knowledge. From the past 11 years to the present, it has been trained on news stories, Skift research reports, airline weekly, Skift Live events, etc., answering many questions about the travel industry. try it.

Travel Technology Briefing: Exclusive coverage and insight into the travel tech space and how it’s impacting the industry during the recovery period and beyond. The brief is an essential guide for travel executives in deciding whether their company should “build, buy or partner” to stay ahead.

Change Tour Company Tracker: Skift Travel Company Tracker (formerly Skift Health Score) is a comprehensive ranking of the most important companies in the travel industry. This is a proprietary score from 0 to 100, assigned by analyzing and aggregating 23 different public indicators that together track the long-term strength of publicly traded travel businesses.

Skift India Podcast: Skift is delving into India’s travel landscape, and what better way to do it than with the Skift India Podcast?

Change AI Travel Weekly newsletter: Artificial intelligence is the dominant topic of the future of travel, and we at Skift are watching it closely. Subscribe to our Friday newsletter to stay on top of things.

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