Chairman of the Taiwan Kuomintang defends dialogue between the party and the CCP at the Strait ForumTaiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — KMT Chairman Chu Li-lun said he hoped the 15th Straits Forum, to be held in Shanghai from June 16-19, would provide a fruitful dialogue to help ease tensions across the Taiwan Strait.

Zhu spoke about the party’s delegation to the forum, which will be led by Xia Liyan, the party’s vice-chairman, at a regular Kuomintang meeting on Wednesday (June 14). According to the Central News Agency, Zhu Rongji said that regional peace is the top priority of the Kuomintang, and claimed that no political party cares more about Taiwan than the Kuomintang.

Zhu Rongji said that dialogue between China and Taiwan is the best way to maintain peace and ensure a happy life for all. He also claimed that the DPP created unnecessary barriers to communication and tried to discredit the KMT and others who participated in the forum.

“The Straits Forum … provides an opportunity for mutual understanding so that we can resolve misunderstandings and create a win-win situation,” Zhu said. He criticized the DPP for consistently using anti-China rhetoric and Taiwan independence rhetoric to create unnecessary obstacles for cross-strait exchanges.

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