Cebu Pacific resumed the Narita-Cebu/Clark route in May. Promotion from 100 yen one way- Travel Watch

Cebu Pacific resumed the Narita-Cebu/Clark route in May. Promotion from 100 yen one way- Travel Watch

Cebu Pacific resumes Narita-Cebu/Clark route

On April 18, Cebu Pacific announced the resumption of flights from Narita to Cebu and Clark. The Narita-Cebu route will operate daily from May 1, and the Narita-Clark route will operate four days a week from May 21. The route will not resume until March 2020.

Also, to commemorate the reopening, one-way basic fares of at least 100 yen (excluding fuel and airport fees) will be on sale from April 17 to 19. The target is all routes between Japan and the Philippines, with a target boarding period of August 1 to March 31, 2024.

President and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Alexander Rao, who took the stage at the launch, explained that the Philippine international market will recover rapidly in FY 2022 and the number of flights will expand to more than 3,000 weekly flights in FY 2023. (2600 flights per week by the end of 2022). It is also the Philippine airline with the youngest average fleet age, with a fleet of 54 Airbus and 19 ATR aircraft. An additional 15 Airbus A330/320neo aircraft are planned for 2023.

In addition to the restarted Cebu/Clark route, the airline is currently operating two daily flights from Narita and one daily flight between Japan and Manila from Kansai International Airport, Centrair (Chubu) and Fukuoka ​​​​.


Mr. Alexander Rao, President and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Cebu Pacific

Mr. Tomohiko Matsumoto, general manager of the Japan branch, commented on the situation in the Japanese market. We want to achieve a certain sales volume.

According to the announcement of the Japan Tourism Agency, the recovery of the Japanese market lags behind that of other countries, and the number of outbound tourists remained at 30% compared with 2019. As for the reason, Mr. Matsumoto said, “Many people feel that the threshold for traveling abroad is high, partly because of the high prices that have been reported. But not all prices abroad are high.” Compared with other destinations, the price of the Philippines is more affordable , and it’s so close that it’s ok even for a short visit. “Taking price as an example, Ippudo, a well-known Japanese ramen restaurant, opened a store in the Philippines.

As for sales, he pointed out that while a one-way ticket costs at least 100 yen, and the fuel fee and airport fee are separated, the round-trip price is about 30,000 yen. Even including these, he said, “For example, it is cheaper than going to Okinawa is easy. I will go back,” he appealed.


Tomohiko Matsumoto, Cebu Pacific Japan Branch Manager

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