CDC official says Taiwan may return to normal in summer | Taiwan News

CDC official says Taiwan may return to normal in summer | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Centers for Disease Control (CDC) officials said that Taiwan may fully return to normal life this summer, with almost all epidemic control measures lifted.

Li Bingying, convener of the Vaccination Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said that although the epidemic is still a serious problem, most of the current infections are only mild, so the policy of restrictive measures such as indoor masks may be relaxed soon. Lee made the comments on the UDN podcast (News Firecrackers), published Thursday (Feb. 2).

His comments came after the WHO declared the pandemic was in a “transition period” and that the global situation was improving.

People have largely returned to normal life, and the CDC may soon downgrade Covid-19 from a fifth-category infectious disease to a fourth-category, Li said.

On Wednesday (February 1), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that starting from February 7, people entering Taiwan who develop symptoms during the self-initiated health monitoring period only need to undergo a home rapid test. The policy change is unlikely to have a major impact on Taiwan, and new variants are somewhat inevitable for now, Lee said.

Lee praised the government’s response to the pandemic over the past three years, saying that while the situation may require ongoing observation, the threat of COVID will continue to decrease. Ultimately, he said, he expects COVID symptoms to be more akin to a mild cold, allowing people to return to normal life.

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