Cambodia considered likely to create tourism bubble with Malaysia

Cambodia has been identified as one of more than 10 countries with which it is possible to establish a travel bubble.

Malaysian news portal Free Malaysia Today (FMT) quoted Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Nancy Shukry in her speech at the launch of the “Meet in Malaysia” event as saying that the ministry has identified all but Cambodia, Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam are countries with which travel bubbles can be created.

This would allow specific flights to enter certain green zones, although the country may not be a green zone, she said.

However, she said planning for the travel bubble was still at an early stage, adding that the ministry was still monitoring the situation in countries identified as green zones.

“We don’t talk about countries anymore, but locations or destinations. It doesn’t have to be the whole country, because green countries can change overnight,” she said.

“We are working with the Ministry of Health and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This provides the potential for the market to contribute to the economic growth of the country.”

She added that the proposal to maintain a tourism bubble with these countries is based on the potential of the market to contribute to overall economic growth, including the influx of trade activities, commerce, business travelers and foreign tourists.

Currently, Malaysia Airlines, which used to fly twice a day to the capital Phnom Penh, now has two flights a month, while AirAsia resumed its three-times-weekly flight in mid-July. Malindo Air has yet to resume flights, while local carrier Lanmei Airlines plans to resume flights soon.

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