Buakaw VS Saenchai – Muay Thai legends clash at BKFC Asia 5 on November 4th

Buakaw VS Saenchai – Muay Thai legends clash at BKFC Asia 5 on November 4th

The long-awaited bare-knuckle fight between Muay Thai legends Buakaw and Saenchai is coming back, according to BKFC Asia promoter Nick Chapman.

Boxing fans went into a frenzy when the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship revealed that not only had they signed Buakaw and Sangchai, but that the two eight-limbed masters would be stepping into the ring for a bare-knuckle fight. The bout was originally announced to take place in Thailand on March 18, but was eventually called off due to some confusion over rule-setting and what Thai boxing authorities would allow.

Buakaw VS Saenchai - Muay Thai legends clash at BKFC Asia 5 on November 4th 2

It was an unfortunate turn of events, but it now appears that the Buakaw vs Saenchai matchup is back on and is set to take place this fall. According to the CEO of BKFC Asia, the match will be held at BKFC Asia 5 on November 4th. The event will be hosted by the Royal Cliff Hotel Group in Pattaya, Thailand, and tickets will go on sale August 17.

The fight was billed as a special rules bare-knuckle Muay Thai fight between the two combat sports icons.

Buakaw vs Saenchai will be a duel between two Thai legends

Buakaw Banchamek and Saenchai are undoubtedly two of the most accomplished Muay Thai practitioners in the history of the sport. The pair have more than 550 career victories and nearly 60 years of experience.

Much of it came from the side of Saenchai, who started competing in Muay Thai in 1988 when he was just 8 years old. During his storied career, Saenchai amassed 317 victories and multiple Lumpini Stadium Championships. He also won the WMC and WBC world titles. Under the banner of THAI FIGHT, Saenchai has won the Copa del Rey three years in a row with an incredible 52-0 record.

Not to be outdone, Buakaw Banchamek has established himself as the greatest Muay Thai boxer in the history of the sport. Buakaw has 240 wins and is a two-time K-1 World MAX champion in addition to multiple WMC titles. He also captured the WBC Muay Thai Diamond World Championship in 2014.

In September, Buakaw made his BKFC debut in a bare-knuckle match against Erkan Varol in the BKFC Thailand 3 match. Buakaw won the first knockout round, and then added another victory to his impressive record at RIZIN 42 by defeating Rukiya Anpo. possible.

We can’t wait until November when we can finally see Buakaw vs. Saenchai and see who will emerge victorious between these two Muay Thai legends.

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