BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON’s new song “Fake My Heart” will be produced by French labelissued


BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON will release a new single “Fake My Heart” on Wednesday, November 30th.

It has been almost a year since the release of the first album “Holden” in October last year, which will be released by the famous French music label “Kitsuné Musique”, also known as the fashion label “Maison Kitsuné” .

“Kitsuné” has cooperated with Two Door Cinema Club, Towa Tei and many other artists, and appointed emerging independent artists from all over the world to appear in the single series “Kitsuné Musique Singles” released from time to time. Indicates that the release of this work has been realized in form.

BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON became independent from the original label in September 2022, and the production environment has undergone major changes. Mishio Horiuchi, who was also active as Opus Inn, participated as a producer / mixing engineer. It is said that this is a song that makes you feel the new direction of the band.

Also, “XO vol.6” will be held at Shindaita FEVER on Monday, December 12th, which will be the last performance in Tokyo this year. Tickets are on sale to the public. In addition to welcoming Yuransen as a co-star, Romantic ☆ Yasuda, who is widely active in Bakudan Johnny and betcover!!, will participate as a live member as a keyboard and guitarist.

Yu Ran Ship

【release news】

Brother Sun, Sister Moon “Fake My Heart”
Release date: 2022.11.30 (Wednesday)
Record label: Kitsuné Musique
Track list:
1. Fake My Heart

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【Event Information】

XO 20221212 flyer fix
“XO vol.6”
Date and Time: December 12, 2022 (Month) OPEN 19:00 / START 19:30
Venue: Tokyo Shindaita FEVER
Price: ADV. ¥3,500 (additional charge for 1 day)
sun brother moon sister
Yu Ran Ship

* Preschool children are not allowed to enter the venue, elementary school students and above need to buy tickets
* Acquisition of personal information on the day of the online interview

■Ticket details: Pia / e+

Production: SMASH

INFO: 03-3444-6751 SMASH

■Brother Sun and Sister Moon:Twitter /Instagram


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