Boyolali builds religious tourism area into learning center for Hajj and Umrah, jakarta – government The Boyolali Regency in Central Java is building a new religious tourism area as a means of education on the Hajj and Umrah.

Boyolali Regent M Said Hidayat said the construction has been ongoing since 2021. “In the area of ​​religious tourism, there will be several buildings depicting a series of pilgrimage journeys,” Hidayat explained.

The three-hectare tourist area sits on the land of the former Singkil Animal Market. Hidayat claims construction is progressing well and is 35% complete. Hidayat added: “Hopefully everything can be completed by the end of September.”

Boyolali Public Works and Spatial Planning Directorate Yovi Hardianto explained that the religious tourism area will be equipped with a miniature Kaaba, a replica of the Sai area, a replica of the Nabawi Mosque, Padang Arafah, Jabal Rahmah, and others.

“In this area, several buildings depict a series of pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina, so they could later be used for pilgrimage processions,” Yovi said.

In 2021, construction starts with a land management budget of Rs 9.25 crore. Then in 2022, the Boyolali government allocated a budget of Rs 2.8 billion to build a replica of the Sai area. “This year, the Boyolali government has allocated about Rs 21 billion for five packages,” Yovi said.

The five packages include the construction of miniature Kaaba buildings worth Rs 3.2 billion, the construction of the auditorium building and Nabawi mosque worth Rs 3.6 billion, the construction of kiosks worth Rs 5.7 billion, the construction of ancillary facilities or ticketing areas worth Rs 2.3 billion, and Other supporting infrastructure construction worth 6 billion rupees.

After the construction is completed, the religious tourist area will be open to the public. “To learn how to perform hajj and umrah,” Boyolari Regent said.


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