Book an 8-Night Thailand Tour Now for $1,099

Beautiful beach, delicious–Still cheap! ——Food, lush jungles and amazing Buddhist temples are just a few of the things that made my trip to Thailand amazing time. If you have been unable to travel to Thailand in the past due to high prices, this might be your moment Experience all that this country has to offer. Groupon is offering 10 days (eight-night) Thailand trip fully Tourists who book before August 10 can enjoy round-trip airfare, hotel, daily breakfast, attraction tickets, and English-speaking guide service starting at $1,099. 31st of 2023.

How does this deal work?

Group buy from affordable worldis an online budget vacation travel agency offering international travel packages. Affordable World is currently promoting its Thailand travel packages 2023.But if you buy a package through Groupon, Groupon offers more discounts, including The date is 2024. You’ll need to choose whether to fly from New York City (JFK) or Los Angeles (LAX).You then need to choose from two package options, both available for the same number of days, but Various locations within Thailand. Finally, you need to decide on a departure date. Depending on your previous selections, you will see different prices for packages on different dates.As of this writing, there are two package options departing from LAX for $1,099, both departing in late November 2023, and two departing from JFK in November. On December 30, 2023, the price will be the same (multiple people can buy the same package, so there should be many Groupons to choose from). Beyond that, there are a variety of dates and packages to choose from, priced at $1,199.

wattHats you get from trading in Thailand

Here’s what you can expect on this Groupon.

this is what you don’t get

There are plenty of opportunities to upgrade to hotel suites and optional tours along the way, such as a Bangkok landmark cruise (from $45 per person) or a tour of the Elephant World Sanctuary and Bridge on the River Kwai with lunch (from $90 per person) . None of these activities are included, but you can choose to participate in them upon arrival if you wish.

Travel smart and comfortably with these products:

some important details

Groupon is only valid for the advertised purchase of one for each of the two persons. This means you need to bring people who share your hotel with you, so they need to buy the same package as you to get that price. Otherwise, you will be charged heavily for going it alone.

Remember you need a passport and it must be valid for at least six months back travel dates. Depending on your airline, you may have to pay some baggage fees. If you have more questions about this offer, please call Affordable World: (888) 737-2742.

Is it worth it?

Considering only the cheapest flight exist Google JFK to Bangkok, Thailand flightsNov 30, 2023, at $1,257 for 10 days, it’s safe to say this is a good deal — nNot to mention you already have all the planning and hotel bookings done for you. Food, sightseeing, guides are all icing on the cake. The only problem is that the dates are not very flexible. While there are options, you won’t be able to take advantage of this deal if you need to fly a day or two earlier or later.

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