Bluffer researching secrets about the Land of the Rising Sun

Bluffer researching secrets about the Land of the Rising Sun

God bless you or Kon’nichiwa, as they say in the Land of the Rising Sun, and welcome to Bluffer’s Guide to Irish.

Bluffer wishes to visit Japan – Japan next year, etc. He watched a YouTube video – He watched some youtube videos to see what to expect.

his favorite is 50 Must-Know Japan Travel TipsFifty Tips for Traveling in Japan is a non-literal translation—it gave him a taste of what it would be like to vacation in a country that seemed so different from our own.

It was produced by Christian le Blanc, who quit his job to travel the world. OK

So here are some tips from Christian mentioned by Bluffer:

the first thing he said was japanese respectable – dear, hard working – hardworking and spleen – type. They will go out of their way to help you find what you are looking for, even though they are a very shy, private person.

This is of course something the Bluffer already knows, he knows something else about— Japanese love to drink – Japanese people love to drink!

It is not illegal to drink beer from a can while walking down the street and you can buy alcohol in many shops.

So, in order to integrate into the local culture, he plans to spend a lot of time singing in karaoke bars Glentan Glas Gaoth Dobhair While drinking sake!

The Japanese are known to be great rule followers.

they follow all the rules – They obey every rule, no matter what.

At midnight, on a long, empty road, Christian saw a girl waiting patiently traffic light – Traffic lights. As he passed before the lights changed, she gave him a hard look – She glared at him.

(The same thing happened to Bluffer in Berlin, so it’s not just the Japanese who are rule-based!)

The Japanese are also very neat. they are neat – They are very clean people, although Christian finds it very difficult to find trash bins even in big cities, which is strange because many locals buy their food from there convenience store – Convenience stores that serve great food and are much cheaper than eating in restaurants.

Which brings us to another tip – when you pay for something make sure you have cash – Make sure you have cash with you as even the big hotels don’t accept it credit card – credit card.

If you are worried about carrying a lot of dosh (Japanese Yen), Christian also said that Japan is about the safest country – One of the safest countries he has ever been to.

If Bluffer decides to go to a kabuki bath, walk under a cherry tree, or take the bullet train to Horishima or Nagasaki, other things he will remember include: taxis are very expensive, smoking is common, hotel rooms are small, and there are queues everywhere , the toilet will play music for you.

It seems to be going to class!

a few words

Japan (un chapaan) – Japan

he watched a youtube video(Dark things from youtube) – he watched some youtube videos

Fifty Tips for Traveling in Japan (The ledge agus too eg tashtal sa chapaan) – 50 tips when traveling in Japan

respectable (Masu Oil) – Dear

hard working (Jahalah) – hard working

spleen (Lech) – type

Japanese love to drink (Is bra lesh na shapaanee a vay eg awl) – the Japanese love to drink

they follow all the rules (cleean shade and gakh real) – they follow every rule

traffic light (ne soleesh trakhta) – traffic lights

she gave him a hard look (hug shee awerk feeata er) – she glared at him

they are neat (yes jream eentakh nayta aid) – they are a very tidy bunch

convenience store (Supiasha) – convenience store

make sure you have cash (bee kintcha gow will aragid chirim lat) – make sure you have cash

credit card (Katie Krichwasa) – credit card

about the safest country (er ne cheerha is saowaaltcha) one of the safest countries

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