Blog: Chinese boxer to become ‘ring queen’ dispels prejudice | Reuters

Blog: Chinese boxer to become ‘ring queen’ dispels prejudice | Reuters

TAIPEI/NINGBO (Reuters) – The sharp-eyed 29-year-old Huang Wenxi punched and kicked his opponent mercilessly until a referee finally intervened and the bout ended after seven rounds.

On April 2, the sharp-eyed Huang Wensi (the woman in red shoes) threw punches at her opponent until the referee finally intervened and the match ended after seven rounds.Reuters/Wu Yue

“Son, you did it,” roared Mr. Huang, dancing around the ring. In the Asian Women’s Super Flyweight Intercontinental Championship in Taipei, Huang Xiang defeated Thailand’s Jalsiri Lonemuang (Jalsiri Lonemuang) to win the championship belt.

Reuters/Wu Yue

Huang is one of the few but growing female professional boxers in China. Despite the belief that women shouldn’t engage in such strenuous activity, Huang is still willing to play the sport.

As a mother, she is a rare existence among the few female professional boxers. I won the championship belt last October, and the joy was even greater because it happened to be my son’s birthday.

Reuters/Wu Yue

“Women are not just wives and mothers in the home,” Huang said. My two-and-a-half-year-old son said he jumped for joy when he announced the video call victory.

“I live for myself. I’m really happy to be in boxing. I wish more mothers could see this fight. Not just for my family, but for myself.” Because it’s possible of

Born in a small town in southern China’s Guangdong province, Huang started boxing in 2002 after discovering his talent at school. Three years later, he was selected for the provincial national team, but retired due to injury in 2011.

In 2019, Huang and her husband spent almost a full day taking their son back to their hometown. REUTERS/Yue Wu

She met her husband in 2015 and gave birth to a son a year later. However, after giving birth, she suffered from severe depression and even thought about suicide at one point.

This is what brought me back to boxing. Huang said that after several years of rigorous training, he regained his body and strength and returned to being a professional boxer. She is still working as a teacher in Zhejiang.

Reuters/Wu Yue

“I’m sure it’s the only way out.”

After winning the race, Huang was surrounded by fans and friends to celebrate his medal.

“Don’t call me king,” Huang said. “I wish you would call me Queen of the Rings.”

(Photographer: Wu Yue, Text: Brenda Goh, Translation: Erika Sou, Editor: Nobuhiro Kubo)

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