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BLACKPINK Jisoo presents gravure in the April issue of “VOGUE KOREA” magazine ♡ Challenge various looks with “DIOR”! |Venice

BLACKPINK Jisoo unveiled the gravure of “DIOR” in the April issue of the magazine “VOGUE KOREA”.


Today (15th), the magazine “VOGUE KOREA” released the April issue pictorial of BLACKPINK Jisoo.

Jisoo’s gravure printing, which adorns the cover of the April issue, progresses with the 2022 S/S series of ‘DIOR’, showing a sophisticated and stylish look.

Wearing smoky makeup that is different from usual, she is attracting attention with her sexy and tough image.

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Unique pieces such as white dresses, minimalist bright skirts and exotic yellow coats go well together.

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In an interview after the shooting, Jisoo said, “I want to wear something unexpected,” such as designing a mature dress with the opposite image.

He continued: “It’s fun to discover a new side of myself. I want people to see me and feel that ‘anyone can challenge a new style’ and gain confidence.”

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He also said: “I live by meeting new people, experiencing things, and re-examining myself. It’s not like now, when I’m just running around solving the problem in front of me, and I think, ‘What should I do to make myself happy?'” I started to prioritize “or,” showing a change in thinking.

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Jisoo’s pictorials and interviews can be found in the April issue of Vogue Korea, the official website and SNS.

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Chi Soo

Chi Soo

Real name | 김지수 (Kim Ji-soo)
Date of Birth | January 3, 1995
Birthplace | Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Blood Type | Type A
Height | 162 cm
Weight | 44 kg
Agency | YG Entertainment

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