Black tourism atmosphere: Myanmar is a tourist gem you didn’t know

Image credit: @findingmutanu

This black travel movement is no joke. We’re here to travel the world in record numbers like never before. Check out social media and you’ll find us enjoying ourselves in Miami, wandering the streets of Cartagena, eating weird food in Bangkok, or relaxing in the endless blue waters of Zanzibar – after a while, you Start feeling like you’ve seen it all, until you see a gem you didn’t even know existed.

Myanmar is a destination that travelers to Asia tend to overlook. It’s surrounded by more popular destinations like Thailand and China, so it’s been a bit of a mystery — until now.

Every day more and more globetrotters, like Liberian native Celia (@findingmutanu), are discovering the wonders of Myanmar and introducing its beauty to the world. If you’ve been looking for a different way to travel, Celia’s photographic tours, along with our exclusive guide, have everything you need to know about your new favorite holiday spot. enjoy!

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