Bikes can change your life! Cambodia Bicycle Project 2023 (Released by Katsuya Yasuda, CEO of Pearl Co., Ltd. on 2023/07/17)

Thank you for achieving the first goal and the next one

thanks for your support. Thank you, August 25th at 11:15. We were able to reach our target amount. Crowdfunding will be the seventh challenge this year. Since the high target amount was set, it was achieved despite being considered difficult. I am really happy.

Although everyone has been supporting and supporting me, on the days when there is no application, I will become very impatient, making noise, sending SNS, sending private messages, handing out leaflets, and handing out at events. I go to shrines and temples every day. One day my wish came true and I even challenged myself to lose 10kg. (I’ve done it, but I haven’t run 356km yet, so of course I’ll keep going)

All I can do is try to do a good PR campaign to let everyone know about the project. Communicate the importance of the item. This is to convey Yasuda’s enthusiasm. I wrote new posts, shared them on Facebook, tweeted them to Twitter and Note, and got a lot of likes and comments. Thank you so much.

Following last year, I learned about this achievement from everyone’s messages displayed on the smartphone screen. Yasuda was listening to the training lecture, and when he saw the picture displayed, he was so happy that he couldn’t help but shed tears. At night, in the car after get off work, I want to repeat the theme song “Kimi ni 100%”!

5 days left. So we set our next goal. Please add another 500,000 yen for a total of 4.06 million yen.

Why 500,000 yen? Because···

◆ I want more than 4 million yen

◆I want to give more bicycles to children (an additional donation of 500,000 yen is equivalent to about 37 bicycles)

There are other reasons, but please don’t talk about the relationship with every supporter.

*We use extra donations to support the number of bikes (or repair clubs) even if we don’t reach our next goal.

“For the smiles of 37 more kids!”

I want to do my best until the last moment! I want to respond to everyone’s support! ! I want to achieve what I think is next year’s goal and make it this year. I think I’ll try to climb a little higher. Start the engine more often, step on the accelerator, and run with all your strength. We ask for your continued support and support. Katsuya Yasuda (added on August 25, 2023)


Nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting this page. I’m Katsuya Yasuda, CEO of Pearl Co., Ltd., the organizer of the Cambodia Cycling Project. I run a small management consulting firm in Osaka. It’s a job that lifts small and medium business owners. Through this work, I hope everyone who works in the company, their families and children can smile, so I work hard every day.

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After visiting Cambodia in 2015, I started providing scholarships to local children. Thinking of what else we could do, we started a project in 2016 to provide bicycles to local children. I have been working with Readyfor since 2017. In the past 6 crowdsales, we have received support from many people. Thank you so much.

The 2022 project page is here.

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The 2021 project page is here.

content a17c9aaa61e80a1bf71d0d850af4e5baa9800bbd

The 2020 project page is here.

content a17c9aaa61e80a1bf71d0d850af4e5baa9800bbd

The 2019 project page is here.

content a17c9aaa61e80a1bf71d0d850af4e5baa9800bbd

The 2018 project page is here.

content a17c9aaa61e80a1bf71d0d850af4e5baa9800bbd

The 2017 project page is here.

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This activity started in 2016, but has the support of many people,A total of 1,368 bicycles have been donated, and 37 bicycle clubs have been established. We continue to resupply replacement parts to existing cycling clubs every year.

We hope to continue the campaign this year by donating 350 bikes and repair kits, starting 5 new bike clubs and resupplying 37 existing bike clubs.

But there’s very little I can do myself, and I don’t have enough money to buy a bike. I want to send a down-to-earth bike that expresses everyone’s thoughts. thanks for your support.

Education is necessary to seize opportunities. I need a bicycle to continue to school.

impetus for cycling projects

In 2015, after talking to a friend from work, I started offering scholarships. Later, on the recommendation of the staff of the Secretariat, I visited the local office in Cambodia and participated in the “investigation”. I went to see the life and school life of poor children.

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We visited poor families and asked about their living conditions. Many families are single parents. My job is farming. But because they are tenant farmers who rent land, their income is meager. I live on $1 to $2 a day. When asked “what do you want to do in the future?”, many children will answer “teacher”. Within the sphere of everyday life of children, the only jobs for adults are farming, small shops, and schoolteachers.

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When I visit schools, I hear so many stories from the teachers. Many primary and junior high school students no longer come to school to help their parents with homework. If you don’t graduate from junior high school, the scope of jobs you can find in the future will be limited, and it will naturally be difficult to get rid of poverty. That’s why they visit the homes of children who are no longer coming and convince their parents to let them go back to school.

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I also visit the classes I teach. Ask “What do you want to be?” and have a few words with the children who raise their hands. After all, the number of children who want to be “teachers” is huge. I say to any child: “Study hard!”

It’s very exciting for me. It was the first time I came to Cambodia alone, visited a poor family, met many children, and being able to communicate with them made me feel excited and satisfied.

Afterwards, though, you’ll be reminded that kids are in a much harsher environment.

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The girl in this photo. I said I wanted to be a nurse in the future. The shirtless man in the center of the photo is his father. I am sick and unable to work. I said: “I understand! You want to cure your father’s illness, study hard!” But the secretary who accompanied me said.

 “It’s not that easy, the kid will have to give up his dream in the future.”

“To become a nurse, you need to go to high school or college. No one is taking care of his father, so when he graduates from junior high, he will definitely find a job where he can work,” the person explained, taking care of his father. “

Hearing this sentence, my head was shocked like being hit with a hammer. I finally woke up.

It’s not just children who can’t afford to go to school. Children who should have been able to get scholarships to go to school, but dropped out of school to help their parents work. There are many problems there.

Such children don’t say “I want you to change their environment!” “I want to change!” he says. Yes. They want to create their own lives. There is a chance. How can we seize this opportunity…The answer is education.

My job is as a consultant. It’s my job to offer advice and advice and make people in trouble smile. But I can’t say anything to him. It’s very frustrating.

I heard about the bike from the local office when I was wondering what to do.

Schools in rural areas are far away. There are many children who commute more than 10 kilometers. Children who cannot afford bicycles walk two to three hours each way. If you have a bike, you can shorten this time. You can use your free time to study or help your parents with things. Cycling has other great advantages as well. This is the way home. A junior high school girl walked home for hours in the dark. I think you can easily imagine what happens. If you own a bike, you can get out of a crisis like this.

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The Secretariat also has a project to donate bicycles, but not enough.“We need education to seize the opportunity. We need bicycles to keep going to school. Can we collect more bicycles and give them away?”I think so.

I said to the secretariat staff, “I’ll gather people in Japan, let’s give more bikes to the kids!” That’s when the Cambodian bike project was born.

Kids who donated bikes in the past now

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Every year we also visit the bike club we used to build to supply bike parts. There, you may be able to see a management sheet for bicycles and bicycle parts. In the bicycle management table, you can often see the words “continue to use after entering high school”. I rode my bike as hard as I could, commuting to school, graduating, and high school.

Also, a girl I met in 2015 got a bicycle in 2016 and successfully graduated from middle school and high school. I worked for a year and now I’m going to school to be a nurse. At first, he was withdrawn and sullen, but when I visit him every year, he starts smiling at me. She still rides to school on the bicycle she used in junior high school. Bicycles are a big help in realizing her dreams.

Reasons to challenge again this year

two goals

To date, we have been active in junior high schools in seven states. This is the area drawn in gray on the Cambodia map below. There are still many places that are not painted. In the seven provinces where we are active, there are still many junior high schools and children who need bicycles that we have not been to. This is why there is a need to expand the field of activity and provide deeper support, both in breadth and depth.

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It is not known how many years it will take to complete. I have two passing points.One isSupports 1,000 bikesyes. This goal will be achieved in 2021, and a total of 1,368 bicycles have been donated so far. The 1,000 bikes were handed over to new kids, and more than 1,000 kids rode them to school. The bright smiles of more than 1,000 children. This is a project with an eye towards the future. Our next goal is of course 2000! !

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The second goal is to last until at least 2025. The project started in 2016. The tenth event is expected to take place in 2025. A senior person responsible for international support told me. “It’s been ten years in a row, and I’m already a mature person.” The project started in 2015 when I visited Cambodia for the first time and was shocked. Even though I’ve never done international support, I started this project. It’s been 6 times so far. The 7th time this year. Gradually, it has become my “normal daily activity”.

Impact of COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19

According to the local secretariat, the novel coronavirus has had various effects on poor children. First, scholarship support is reduced. It appears that corporate support has also dwindled, as has individual support. Now that business performance is going downhill, there is nothing you can do about it, because protecting the company and its employees is the number one priority, not providing support. In addition, there are many cases of parents of poor local families losing their jobs due to the impact of the new crown virus. I couldn’t live without income so my kids stopped going to school so I found some kind of job and earned income to help my family.I don’t go to school even though I have a scholarship so I can go to schoolThis is.

Under such circumstances, there is still a great demand for bicycles.If you can shorten your time at school, you can help your parents with their work, or do some work to earn an income.In fact, I’ve often heard that in the homes I’ve visited, the children made money by weaving rattan baskets.

“I want to change my life. I want to change the way I live. I want to escape poverty. I don’t want to lose my education because of the coronavirus.

Also, if the infection spreads and you can’t travel, will you be able to implement it?

Before COVID-19, Yasuda traveled to Japan every December to work on the project with local staff. However, in the two years of 2020 and 2021, I persisted until the last moment, but still failed to make the trip. Ultimately, the project was implemented only by local staff. The local staff said, “I have worked with Yasuda for a long time, and I know how to do it, so there is no problem.”

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We can get a glimpse of it in the photos and video sent in after the 2021 project is completed. We were able to sanitize, and we were able to do it safely while everyone was taking infectious disease measures.

In 2022 last year, Yasuda traveled to Cambodia for the first time in three years and worked there.

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While I’d like to think that everything is fine, I can’t shake the “what if the infection spreads around the world again…” anxiety. But like 2020 and 2021, this project would be perfect without Yasuda.

* However, inter-provincial movement may be prohibited depending on the infection situation in Cambodia. At that time, execution will be slower and delivery of rewards to you may be delayed. Please forgive me. Of course, we will notify you when this happens.

Use your support and schedule

How to take advantage of your support

Thanks to your support over the past 7 years we have been able to increase the number of bike donations and club formations! What I want to say is that in 2022, the impact of the depreciation of the yen is great, and although the amount of support received is the highest ever, the number of bicycles and the number of newly established cycling clubs have decreased compared to 2021. .

 2016 81 bikes, 5 cycling clubs

 2017 110 bikes, 4 bike clubs, 5 club parts supply

 2018 157 bikes, 5 bike clubs, 9 club parts supply

 2019 166 bikes, 4 bike clubs, 13 club parts supply

*Missing 1 supply point due to 1 bike club being discontinued.

 2020 215 bikes, 5 bike clubs, 17 club parts supply

 2021 324 bikes, 8 bike clubs, 22 club parts supply

 2022 315 bikes, 5 bike clubs, 30 club parts supply

In this project, our goals are: (Goals include support funds on my own website. The project has a target amount of 3.56 million yen to build 280 bicycles, 5 bicycle clubs, and 5 bicycle repair parts.)

  1. Donate 350 bikes (including repair kits)
  2. 5 cycling clubs formed
  3. Provide necessary materials for 35 existing clubs

The donated bicycles are second-hand bicycles imported from Japan and other countries. In addition to donating bikes, we will also start bike clubs and provide replacement parts to keep the bikes going.

Why start a cycling club

① Bicycle repair base

There are repair kits attached to the bike, but if it still can’t be repaired, there is a safe alternative to a bike shop at your junior high bike club.

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(2) Bicycle “handover” base

After junior high school, if there is a system to hand the bikes to the junior high school students who need bikes next, it will bring permanent support.

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(3) Employment support for children

In Phnom Penh, bicycles are widely used as a means of transportation. And because there are many bicycle shops, we hope that the junior high school students who have learned the bicycle maintenance skills in the bicycle club will be employed in the bicycle shop in the future, or have the opportunity to open their own bicycle shop.

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Seventh Phase Project Schedule

  1. Support calls end August 2023
  2. Decide with your local coordinator which region of Cambodia to donate to
  3. money transfer
  4. Local coordinators source donated bikes, repair kits, bike club tools and spare parts
  5. Traveled in December 2023 ()
  6. Local Coordinator and Final Confirmation
  7. Visited the donated junior high school, held a donation ceremony, established a bicycle club to provide replacement parts for existing clubs
    If you are unable to travel due to the impact of the new coronavirus, Yasuda will prepare bicycle license plates, maintenance manuals and other supplies and mail them to the local office, and you can also work without Yasuda. . In 2020 and 2021, I will not be able to travel for two years. But the local secretariat pushed forward unswervingly, and the project was successfully completed. Do not worry.

With this project, I want to convey a feeling of not losing.

In the seventh period, we set the target amount at 3.56 million.

As for the reason for this amount… let’s go back to crowdfunding three years ago. The 2020 crowdfunding target amount is 1.8 million yen. The amount realized in 2019 (the previous year) was 1,497,000 yen. Nowhere near 1.8 million yen, and never even more than 1.5 million yen. To set such an unreasonable amount when the influence of corona is strong …

“Are you stupid? Can you do math?”

I think I can hear that voice…or rather, I do. “I don’t think it’s possible this year,” said one voice. On the other hand,

“Idiot burning, it’s so interesting!! Come on!!”

I have a friend cheering me on.

to challenge. Reach out your hand and grab it. It’s been a year since I realized its importance. Thanks for your help, the amount for 2020 came to 2,030,940 yen. The target amount for 2021 is 2.04 million yen “exceeding the previous year”. As a result, 161 people donated 3,124,000 yen. I have decided to set an amount each year that exceeds the previous year! The target amount for 2022 is 3.13 million yen. It’s been a tough year so far. With one week left, the completion rate barely reached 70%. But I still believe “someone must be watching me!”

content a17c9aaa61e80a1bf71d0d850af4e5baa9800bbd

Here is the activity report at the time. (Click the link on the left or the picture above to move)

Another thing I keep in mind is updating the Activity Report daily. From July 20th to the last day of August 30th, it will be updated every day for 42 consecutive days. I thought, “Someone’s watching me. They’re supporting me.”

And on August 28, three days before the end, the goal was successfully achieved. I received a lot of “Congratulations!!” messages through SNS.

“Congratulations! To be honest, I thought I was going to be stupid this year, but it’s awesome!!”


“I thought I’d see to the end, enough to the last moment, so I figured I’d apply for everything! Congratulations!”


In the end, 213 people donated 3,558,000 yen. The compliance rate was 113.92%.

Therefore, the target amount for this year is set at 3.56 million yen. Of course, this is a quantity that has never been reached in the past. I definitely want to make that happen, and when I go to Cambodia, I want to say that in my speeches in front of the kids.

“I fought hard to achieve a goal that was never achieved in Japan. I was able to achieve this goal because of the support of many people. If you have three things, it’s fine. Ride as hard as you can Bike to school, study, make lots of friends.”

Thank you for your cooperation.

What is Anda trying to do?

As we have done in previous projects, we will update the activity report and disseminate the information on a daily basis. All I can do is to make a fuss and let more people know about this project. I’m willing to do my best there. What should we do with this year’s wish challenge?

Although this is not the goal, Yasuda has a delusion. In my first self-introduction, I mentioned that my work is management consulting. Its mission is to “increase excellent businesses”. I want to expand my business to Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries. A young man who set up an office in Cambodia one day, recruited staff and applied, said:

“Mr. Yasuda, I graduated from school safely with the bicycle I received at that time. Thank you very much.”

Yes. Graduation from school is not their ultimate goal. The purpose is to have a good job to earn income and live a happy life while supporting each other with the family. I dream that one day I will be able to work with them.

Thank you so much for your support and support!

About returns

Thank you letter and on-site photos

For all returns, we will send a thank you letter which also reports the outcome of the project with photos of the local conditions.

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photo of kids and their bikes

There will be a plaque on the bike with the supporter’s name (which can be anonymous if desired). You can also attach a message. We’ll also prepare a photo of the gift so you can see “this kid is riding the bike you’re supporting”.

content a17c9aaa61e80a1bf71d0d850af4e5baa9800bbd

Attach a plaque with your name (company name, can be anonymous) and a video message with a “thank you” message at the cycling club

If a cycling club is established or continues to support an existing club, we will install a plaque at the school with the name of the supporter (can be anonymous if desired). You can also attach a message. In addition, we will send you a video of the children’s messages on the USB memory stick.

content a17c9aaa61e80a1bf71d0d850af4e5baa9800bbd

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This is an example of a message video.
*Published with the consent of the named person.

Cambodia coffee drip filter bag

Although not widely known, Cambodia also has a coffee bean producing region. This is a drip coffee bag using coffee beans grown in Mondulkiri Province and Pailin Region.

content a17c9aaa61e80a1bf71d0d850af4e5baa9800bbd

Book “Cambodia Cycling Project”

This book describes the activities of the Cambodia Cycling Project. The headline is “Cambodia Cycling Project” and the subtitle is “Ossan starts international support!”. The publisher is Xinxiaolun.

content a17c9aaa61e80a1bf71d0d850af4e5baa9800bbd

Cambodian traditional scroll “Kroma”

We will deliver Cambodian traditional scroll “Kroma”. It looks like the thin scarf Yasuda is wearing around his neck in the photo below.

content a17c9aaa61e80a1bf71d0d850af4e5baa9800bbd


  • Images posted on the page are licensed from EDF-Cambodia.
  • We have obtained approval from the Electric Power Company of Cambodia to implement the project.
  • The gift coffee drip filter bag is made of raw beans imported from Cambodia. We outsource the production from drip filter bag processing to packaging.
  • We have confirmed with the Kishiwada Public Health Center in Osaka Prefecture that we do not need a business license from the Public Health Center to sell coffee drip bags as rebates, which are produced on a consignment basis, even in packaging.

*For the detailed conditions of the course of 13,500 yen or more in the reward of this program, please refer to the link ( “Naming rights, message posting and other similar rewards”.

【Project End Requirements】

●Donated Items

Support money donation* International money transfer to local NGO EDF-Cambodia, which buys “bicycles, repair tools and repair parts” locally.

● Number of donations

280 bikes, 5 bike repair tools, 5 bike repair parts

Estimated Donation Completion Date

January 31, 2024

● Destination of donation

Junior high schools in Cambodia, students from poor families study

* Specific support objects will be selected in November 2023


・Estimated recipients of donation: Junior high school students who need bicycles to commute but do not have the financial means to purchase them

・Selection criteria: The distance from school to home is more than 5 kilometers. As a junior high school student. Parents have low income.

(including entry criteria, reasons for failure, etc.)

・Method of identifying donation recipients: EDF-Cambodia, a local Cambodian non-governmental organization, selected in cooperation with junior high school teachers

(Include the review process, if reviewed.)

・The reason why we were able to properly identify the recipients: We have been implementing this project together with EDF-Cambodia for the past six years. EDF-Cambodia established an information network with local junior high school teachers through support such as scholarships, so that appropriate decisions can be made.

Project Executive Manager: Yasuda Katsuya (Pearl Corporation CEO)

Project Completion Date: January 31, 2023

Project overview and use of raised funds

●Donation content We will donate the supporting funds to local NGO EDF-Cambodia through international remittance. The group purchased bicycles, repair tools and repair parts locally.

● Number of donations: 280 bicycles, 5 bicycle repair kits for establishing bicycle clubs, 5 bicycle repair parts for existing bicycle clubs

Estimated donation completion date: January 31, 2024

Donation objects Cambodian junior high school students and students from poor families *The specific donation objects will be selected around November 2023


・Assumed object: Junior high school students who need a bicycle to commute but do not have the financial means to purchase a bicycle Selection criteria: The distance between school and home is 5 kilometers or more. As a junior high school student. Parents have low income. (including entry criteria, reasons for failure, etc.)

・Method of determining donation recipients: Local NGO EDF-Cambodia and junior high school teachers select in cooperation (if screening is performed, screening process will be included)

・Justification for properly identifying recipients: We have been implementing this project with EDF-Cambodia for the past seven years. EDF-Cambodia established an information network with local junior high school teachers through support such as scholarships, so that appropriate decisions can be made.

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