BIH seeks Indonesian expatriate doctors

compass network reported that Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Eric Tohir invites Indonesian doctors working abroad to return to work in their birthplace.Refers to Indonesians working outside Indonesia as “Medical Diaspora” Minister Thohir says this talent base is needed to be effective “at home” – including helping employees Bali International Hospital currently under construction Medical Special Economic Zone Sanur beach in Bali.

Thohir says new international class Bali International Hospital (BIH) There will be huge employment opportunities, especially in the health sector. The Minister declared that it was now “overseas doctor” arrive “go home” or “go home.” Ten doctors have signed up to work at the hospital, Thohir said. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thohir says medicine special economic zone The medical center under construction in Bali will not only improve the skills of Indonesian doctors, but also provide much-needed additional medical staff to the national health sector. The minister estimates that Indonesia needs 12,000 new doctors a year.

this Bosnia and Herzegovina and special health economic sector The project in Sanur, Bali is expected to be operational in early 2024. Bosnia and Herzegovina Aims to provide world-class medical services, relying in part on the consultative role of internationally renowned institutions Mayo Clinic, USA.

By developing the new medical center, Indonesia hopes to create a global medical hub that will attract domestic and foreign tourists seeking first-class medical services.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Medical Center Valuable foreign exchange will be created and preserved for the Republic of Indonesia. Not only are international medical tourists heading to Bali for treatment, but Indonesians who are now spending millions of dollars on healthcare overseas will soon have competing options for treatment in Indonesia.Indonesia’s foreign-trained medical experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina It will contribute to the delivery of excellent treatments in the fields of cosmetic surgery, coronary care, cancer treatment and cosmetology.

Minister of BUMN It is estimated that by 2030, 240,000 patients will be treated at BIH. He envisioned opening a health and wellness center in Bali that would provide hospital care and rehabilitation care for the elderly in a star hotel environment.this Bosnia and Herzegovina It will be set in a botanical garden, using herbs to produce ingredients for alternative medicine.

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