Bigg Boss Malayalam 5: Aniyan Midhun tells his love story with late commando; says ‘I cried holding her dead body’


Bigg Boss Malayalam 5


Ania Midoon

Known for his taciturn personality in the house. However, the contestant finally opened up about his life on the show, and one of his love stories caught the viewers’ attention.

In a recent episode,


Midhun is seen on the weekly mission ‘Anubhavangal Palichakal’ where he recounts the ups and downs of his life. In the narrative, he introduces a female Indian commando officer whom he falls in love with.

“We were in Kashmir for a martial arts training camp and the Indian Army Wing was in charge of our security. There was a Punjabi girl there, her name was Sana. She had a crush on me, and once she proposed to me, using her favorite guitar as But, I rejected her marriage proposal at first. Then we went to her home in Punjab and we did an all-India trip. The relationship got deeper and she proposed to me again. Even then, I Didn’t give her a yes. But, the next day, I rushed to her camp to apologize. The scene I saw was, she was standing at the table with new weapons, guns, etc. She was getting ready for the mission , say goodbye to her,” he said.

In addition, Annie said that after she left the mission, he began to miss her, and he found himself falling in love with her. He shared that he was ready to propose to her and wait for her.

“I told all my friends that I was going to propose to her. I even bought a ring. It was a few days before I knew she had been killed. She was shot in the forehead and she was gone. I regretted it The thing is that I should not tell her my love. But, I am proud of her who sacrificed her life for our country. As I write this, I am reminded of the moment when I hugged her dead body in Indian flag A moment,” he said.

Shortly after the narration ended, roommates were seen hugging and comforting him.


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